To start, we will approach the production. The production sounds very well done and is solid and pleasing to the ear to hear. There doesn’t seem to really be anything that I would have to say negatively about the production, so kudos to that. Moving on a bit, we can go ahead then and hone in on the instrumentals. Everything in this track meshes fairly. There’s a lot of atmospheres that really drives and carries, which is great. A personal favorite of thing of mine to see bands use. I will say that there are some instances where the band doesn’t strike me as that much different than other bands within its spectrum, however, this is at least, on a more positive side of sounding like other projects. To clarify, what that means is while, yes, you could associate this band with another band that sounds similar, you can still tell that its Life Awaits at the end of the day.

Transitioning to deeper terrains, we know to approach the vocals as well as the lyrical content, and how they are conveyed. The effects used on the vocals for this track, I do believe, effectively translate what is attempting to be emotionally relayed. The track seems to focus around the idea that exuberates darker tones and feelings that seem to leave one numb. Now, that is just a brief and completely non-in-depth look, that’s just a surface level speculation. Furthermore, the vocals and that patterns and such used for this, I feel are in some respects very greatly handled, and in others, I think could have used some work. I feel like could have been maybe messed with a bit. An example, during the intro verse, towards the end I feel an add on of a falsetto layer could have placed some very smoothly but intense power. Regardless, the track is solid through and through, despite my one little quip about it.

From what I was informed, Life Awaits has been huge in China, so it’s no surprise that the video quality and production value seem to be on a much higher scale than most bands you would see in this genre. The music video was a delight to watch and is one I’ve watched now quite a few times now via Dreambound. I am excited to see what else is there to be put up to the plate.

I would like to take this moment to say thank you, once again, to Famined Records, for allowing to review and work with yet another new addition to their roster. I am pleased to see them working together and am curious to see what will be created. As stated, I will place the music video below as well as the social media links. To a moment out of your day to check them out and take care!

Life Awaits – Better Now (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Links:                                                                          Score: 8/10
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