Review: Light the Fire – Ascension

Artist: Light the Fire
Album: Ascension
Rating: 9.5./10

Texas may seem fairly small, in terms of the larger picture, when it comes to musical talent but that simply couldn’t be less true. Bands like The Sword, Memphis May Fire, One-Eyed Doll, Invent, Animate, Adakain and more all call Texas their home. A breeding ground for modern music (especially metalcore), the city thrives with bands hungering to get their time in the limelight. In Dallas, TX there is a group of 5 individuals who have an insane amount of drive, charisma and passion in their live show. It is likely mainly that reason that Standby Records decided to pick them up. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about Light the Fire, a group that stands tall above the rest in today’s scene. Their sophomore album, Ascension, seeks to bring attention to how spiritual they are, as well.

A post-hardcore masterpiece from front to back, Ascension, brings to the table in 10 tracks, what other bands may take 4 or more albums to discover. An air of originality, creativity and a fresh perspective on the genre, through the music they create. While the album does have a strong message that centers on a spiritual entity (whether that is God, or something more is unclear as of yet) it isn’t overly preachy. Vocalist Jeff Gunter has an incredible range of both screamed and clean vocals, which he uses to command his position to full potential. As the album progresses, you’ll hear the subject of the album’s theme going through many different hardships and using religion to overcome them. It isn’t until we reach the title track, an electronic-infused beast that both pummels you and makes you feel as if you’re soaring, that he/she begins to realize that they can rise above anything with the help of God. Throughout the album, you’ll find that the perfect balance of electronics, incredible vocal range and immense talent make this album anything but ordinary. Each track builds up to an amazing climactic point, usually around the bridge, that keeps you on your toes from start to finish, this makes the lack of an overall build-up effect (as most bands in the genre tend to use) irrelevant.

Light the Fire is a band that is blazing their way through to the top, selflessly helping those who are struggling to do the same. Through their music, they convey a message of hope and perseverance, through belief in God or any other spiritual entity. These tracks definitely sound like they’d transfer well to a live setting, which is what you should hope for as a band to start with, and overall they have created an album that is both timeless and incredible. I recommend taking the time to either listen to or pick up Ascension, out on Standby Records now! You’ll be glad you did!

“Ascension” (Official Music Video)

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Light the Fire is:

Jeff Gunter – Vocals
Felix Lopez – Guitar
Seth Davis – Guitar
Andrew Penland – Bass
Blake Hein – Drums