Review: Light Up the Sky – Bring It On (Single)



Artist: Light Up the Sky
Album: Bring It On – Single
Rating: 10/10

Light Up the Sky is an up-and-coming post-hardcore band from Spokane, WA. The name alone is enough to turn heads, but they have been bringing their unique blend of melody & aggression for a couple years with no signs of stopping. When all seemed lost, the band found an incredible new manager in Crown the Empire’s Bennett Vogelman. With this new change, the band immediately began working on new material. Our first result comes in the form of their new single “Bring It On”. The title pumps you up, does it not? Well, wait until you hear the song! “So let me go, you can’t tell me who I’m supposed to be. But I can’t find the words to tell you, the only one is me.” “Enough is enough, I’ve just had enough! My heart can’t take much more of your heart lacking love. I’ve tried to reason, I’m trying to see: Why can’t you imagine a successful me?” This track is obviously about proving those who doubt you wrong. For what’s more upsetting to your enemies than to see you succeed while they fail? This track is brutal, catchy, in your face and has a message you can really hold on to. I think the band has finally managed to capture the sound that captures the essence of who they are. With a long climb to the top, the boys in LUTS have started that climb with no signs of slowing down. They will be a driving force behind the post-hardcore scene and household names before you know it. Watch out for Light Up the Sky in 2013 & 2014 because they’re going to blow up fast! Check out the single below and find yourself falling in love with a sound the likes of which you’ve never heard!

“Bring It On” Lyric Video

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