Review: Littledidweknow – Lucid Happenings – 2013



My Overall Eval – 10/10

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1. I Am Robot Machine
2. Pirt Aivlas
3. Magmarilloatia In Tabor City
4. The Most Dishonorable Person I Have Ever Known
5. Toothless Trance Tells Us About The Beauty Of Indecipherability
6. I Couldn’t’ve Beaten You Up Like This When I Was A Baby
7. There Will Be No Peace Until One Or Both Of Us Are Dead
8. It’s Just A Circle And You Are A Dog
9. Adventure At The Mucus Factory
10. Candy-Coated-Sugar-Coma
11. You Can Either Quiet Down Or I Can Smash You In The Face Again


Dat feeling of taking a jack hammer to someone’s body and bathing in the entrails…You are just covering yourself in a blanket of blood sweat and tears.  The rancor that resonates within pushes you to the point of total devastation towards anything in your path.  I welcome you to Lucid Happenings, by Littledidweknow.  The sheer animosity that the vocalist has towards every lyric is just an intense bombardment of detestation.  The vocals range that are twisted by vocalist Kelly Sullivan range from ear piercing highs that are guaranteed to destroy any adjacent glass, to the fabulous lows that are impeccably convoyed by the maximum pandemonium of the harmony in the background.

Each track title has a cognizance of its own as you travel down the path of in your face guitar chugs shadowed nippily by mathcore fundamentals sure to attract any Dillinger Escape Plan or Dysphoria enthusiast.  Naturally there are squeals, extensive vigorous and filthy brute squeals.  What would the music be deprived of?  I would not first flinch to envision the evolution from “core” vocals to this excruciating, but alluring display of an ensemble who gives no fucks of what they sound like.  They are to terminate, and appreciate.  The lows arrive out of nowhere, like a brick to the cranium, while the highs are pummeling your ear pussies.   So then by the time Adventure At The Mucus Factory fills your ears they certainly start to hemorrhage from the passion that is resonating from within.  The eccentricity that also hides behind the music is a great concoction that will send chills up your arms.

You want something that is sure to fascinate some attention when you roll up next to a pretty lady on the side of the boulevard, crank this CD and watch as she runs, and you follow suit pursuing her down until her physique is a crushed carcass.  You will recognize the knowledge once you have completed heeding to this great release.  The execution of each instrument is a flawless congruence of inhumane death metal, some filthy grindcore, and of course for the deathcore whores, them breakdowns.  This crew knows how to satisfy, and they are achieving what they want, not following a cliché cookie cutter ensemble.   The employment of grindcore/squeals and the cruelty of obliteration that follows behind is the perfect Molotov cocktail to create and throw at a scene tween.

Taken directly from their Facebook “littledidweknow is influenced by many and is here to brutalize! Steering away from mediocrity, in a city with very little metal scene.”  These talented five gentlemen know what to play not are told what to play.  They stand for originality and brutality.  It may not be your comfort zone, but once you preview this whole CD you will love everything this band has to offer.  It is definitely an improvement from the scene that makes up Lousiville, KY. I am proud; no I am honored to have found such an intense, unique structure of depth and disorder that make up Littledidweknow.

In the end it’s all about the sentiment the music provides you.  I recommend you try out this CD and listen to it only once, you will not be able to contain your compulsion that you precipitously have assimilated.  It is almost anguish; I think to only listen to the whole CD once in a day and not uninterruptedly.  A lot of music is imminent out this year, but Littledidweknow surely don’t fuck with gimmicks.  Littledidweknow will rescind everything you have and still keep you pleading for more and more.

For Fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dysphoria, War From A Harlots Mouth, See You Next Tuesday