Review: Another Lost Year – Better Days

Better Days


Artist: Another Lost Year
Album: Better Days
Rating: 5/5

Track List:

1. Better Days
2. War on the Inside
3. All That We Are
4. Broken
5. What I Deserve
6. Angels
7. Runaway
8. Last Goodbye
9. Writing on the Wall
10. Come and Gone
11. Forgot About Us


Taking the radio and the rock scene by storm, Charlotte, NC’s Another Lost Year are pushing themselves into the hearts of fans worldwide. Telling the truth through their lyrics and a live show that places second to none, Another Lost Year will soon be a household name! With the release of their debut album “Better Days” which dropped back in August, they have released something to really be proud of. I have to be honest, before New Ocean Media contacted us about reviewing the album, I had never heard of them before. After my first listen of “War on the Inside” the debut single from the album, I instantly fell in love. After hearing the album, though, I drew a much greater appreciation for the band! So without further ado, I give you my review of “Better Days”, the debut full-length album from Another Lost Year.

Key Tracks:

Better Days: The title track is full of powerful lyrics, which you hear in most rock songs, but you have to take it for what it is. I will say that ¬†Clinton Cuanan voices it a way that many vocalists and bands fail to do nowadays. “I know we’ll move on to better days” It seems clear to me that throughout the song, he is struggling but he knows that things will eventually get better once he gets rid of the cause of his problems.

War On The Inside: Definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album, as I mentioned earlier, it is the debut single from the album. If you go to YouTube, there is a video for it which I’ll go ahead and link for you here. This track is about the wars that wage inside of you, causing you struggles that you have to fight every day. This particular war is causing him to lose it and he is calling out for help. Clinton’s vocals, especially in the chorus, resonate with so much emotion it’s almost unbearable. The first time I heard this track and really listened to the lyrics, I cried. I know we have all felt this way and this track is a way to reach out to those who are feeling this way. Definitely take the lyrics and hold them close to your heart.

Writing on the Wall: The newest single from the album, released only 2 weeks ago. One of the heavier, more driving tracks, definitely throws a bunch of emotion your way. If you listen to the lyrics, it again is a track about struggles, this entire album is about the struggles that Clinton was facing and how he overcame them through ALY’s music. This track has one of my favorite choruses. “And it all comes down to the writing on the wall. When your movie ends, I’ll catch you when you fall. I’ll be right here. So just let go, I’ll be right here. When your movie ends, I’ll catch you when you fall.” Seems simple, yet extremely powerful. I definitely see this track being a massive hit.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this album, lyrics and all is just amazing. Clinton’s raw emotion in the lyrics is what particularly caught my ear the most though. Whether it be something you struggle with every day or something you just encountered, this album is a way to tell you that it’s going to be alright. You, too, will see Better Days. I recommend this album to everyone who struggles with anything in life and who really enjoys music as an escape. This album will really speak to you. Hang in there guys, ALY is here for you! Go pick up your copy of “Better Days” out now!