Review: Madlife – 21st Century Megalomaniac



Artist: Madlife
Album: 21st Century Megalomaniac
Rating: 10/10

Up-and-coming Industrial Hard Rock giants Madlife are definitely a breath of fresh air in this stale music scene. The band consists of 4 members, Angry Phil on Vocals, Isaiah Stuart on Guitar, Kyle Cunningham on Drums, and Carlos Pagan on Bass. Angry Phil’s vocals are incredibly distinctive and the overall feel of the band is a fun, yet angry, roller-coaster ride. Their newest album “21st Century Megalomaniac” is filled with anger, but not in a hateful way, rather than a creative one. The lyrics are heartfelt, the choruses are catchy and heavy, the instrumentals are loud and in your face just like you would expect from a hard rock album. The way they bring the industrial sound to life is second to none, keeping a mainly hard rock feel, but adding just enough industrial sound to keep them original and unique. It’s an honor to be reviewing this album and I look forward to seeing what they do next!

Just One Gun: The opening track to this album starts with Phil singing “Would you like to sing that angry song with me?” before the track explodes with ferocity. The track seems to be, from the lyrics and the video (which was released yesterday and I will post below), to be about an attempt at suicide. The video stars the band & Lexus Amanda (BlacklistedMe). Lexus is attempting to commit suicide with a loaded gun, but Phil seems to be trying to talk her out of it or egg it on so that she won’t do it. The video is incredible and sees each of the band members with guns before it ends.

To Live and Die in Hollywood: This track has a funky electronic opening part and is very heartfelt lyrically. “Broken and alone I’m tired of being cold I try to make a stand so here I am” This track seems to be another one about an attempt at suicide. From the sound of the lyrics, he’s standing on a rooftop, sirens screaming below him and he’s trying to talk himself out of it. He feels so alone and broken, but he somehow knows things will get better. We’ve all felt that helpless, hopeless feeling where we just feel that things couldn’t get any worse and would like to take the easy way out. The fact is, though, suicide should never be an option. Things will always get better, patience is a virtue and there is a silver lining to every black cloud. Hang in there, for those of you struggling in life! I believe this song will speak to you!

I Know the Feeling: This track has one of the more beautiful choruses, but it’s still a pretty angry track. The sound of the verses kind of remind me of old school Nine Inch Nails, muffled, dark and low. “I know the feeling, I can’t believe that it’s all inside of me” Phil sings repeatedly in the chorus. This track seems to be about a love lost, emptiness and anger that all come with that. We all “know the feeling” of a relationship ending. We’ve all felt that anger, emptiness and the rage that it sends some of us too. Phil speaks of demons in his mind, pulling him into the abyss, I, for one, have been there and know exactly what that feels like. I can only imagine the tragic story behind this track. Either way, don’t give up! There’s always hope!

Pain of Pleasure: This track is where we start to really see the industrial side of Madlife. This track is speaking of self-mutilation and the “pleasure” that it can give some of us, releasing the stress, anger and sadness that brought it on. As good as this may sound to some of us, self-harm is never something you should consider. There are always better, more healthy ways to outlet. This entire album is about feeling alone, broken and empty yet finding a way to overcome it all and find yourself still alive and breathing.

Still Alive: The final track is about still being alive after the many attempts on your life. You still feel sad, empty and alone, but you know that things will get better and so you push yourself forward. This is definitely one of my favorites on the album lyrically. It still speaks of the demons, the thoughts and the hopeless feeling, but it also speaks of overcoming it all.

Final Thoughts:

“21st Century Megalomaniac” is an angry roller-coaster ride that will leave you out of breath and begging for more. Angry Phil has a way of purveying emotion that is just absolutely astounding, especially when it comes to anger, hence his name in the band. All of the musicians played a crucial part in putting this album together and they did an amazing job with doing so. They have definitely gained a new fan in me and I look forward to hearing what’s next. Go pick up your copy of “21st Century Megalomaniac” out now on New Ocean Media!

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