REVIEW: The Maine – “Forever Halloween” (2013)


The Maine 
Forever Halloween 
Action Theory Records 
The Maine are a good example of a band evolving over time.  Once regarded, by most, as just a five-piece pop / punk band from Arizona, they have truly evolved into a successful, catchy and loved rock and roll band – still from Arizona, but that’s pretty difficult to change. 
“Forever Halloween” really does take the listener for a loop, putting out a sound that some will expect, but some won’t.  Their previous venture, “The Pioneer,” the songs really seemed like they were literally the same track just thrown on repeat, following the same basic structure:  quiet atmospheric rock, build up, climax, drop, repeat climax, end.  These songs here compiled onto this new record just seem to actually have personalities, not just playing it safe and keeping a constant, over-bearing sound.  Each song has its own style and its own reason to remember – where one song will be remembered for its guitar solo, another will be remembered for its haunting piano-piece; where song will be remembered for its rough and gritty opening rift that controls the entirety of the song, another will be remembered for its catchy hook and tune.  Speaking of which, just about all of the songs here really are “catchy” – though sometimes people take that for granted and look down upon it, seeing it as an easy way to reel in fans, The Maine do it in such a way that it’s just part of the song – the songs aren’t manufactured or forced to be catchy, they just are, and that’s part of what makes them so good.  This is an excellent rock record to bob your head to, relax to or just have fun to – and is certainly a record representing many different parts of life, and truly a great summer jam. 
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