Review: Marco Minnemann – EEPS


Artist: Marco Minnemann
Album: EEPS
Rating: 10/10

Marco Minnemann is someone, who, I can only describe as the most versatile drummer in the world. The man’s repertoire includes 4 albums from his band Illegal Aliens, 13 solo albums, a stint with death metal titans Necrophagist, a trio drummer tour with Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman in 2006, he lent his voice to August 2008 Metalocalypse episode “Snakes and Barrels”, he toured with Kreator in 2009 and he’s done tons more that we won’t go into. My point being: This man is a beast in every capacity of the word. So when his new project Levin Minnemann Rudess’ debut album went to #1 for 2 months straight, in 3 different categories, along with making it into several best of 2013 Top 5 polls, should anyone really have been surprised? That’s a matter of opinion, I suppose. I am here to speak to you about his newest solo album, simply titled EEPS.

If you’ve ever listened to any of Marco’s projects, you’ll immediately realize that it’s pretty easy to pinpoint his drum stylings. He’s got a very specific sound and way he does things. You will also notice pretty quickly that, with his solo projects… he tends to stray away from what’s normal. If that was to be proven true on any album, you will definitely find it on EEPS. Do you like free-form jazz odysseys? Do you like incredibly long drum solos? Do you like instrumentals in general? If you said yes to ANY of these questions then EEPS will appeal to you. Personally, when it comes to instrumentals, the material has to be incredibly pleasing to the ear and, rather than just provide a listening experience, it has to paint a picture in your mind. That is exactly what this album does for me. Especially with tracks like “Soul Dance”. With this particular track, I feel like my soul could leave my body and literally dance in front of me in the most bizarre of ways. This album speaks to the music connoisseur, as well as, those who are more privy to ignore these types of releases. It doesn’t matter if you like instrumentals or not, I can guarantee that just about anyone out there who listens to this album will walk away feeling awestruck. For myself, I listened to it the first time and found myself sinking back in my seat, incredibly drained and wanting to play it over.

Marco Minnemann is a master of his craft and EEPS seems to be the pinnacle of his career thus far. I have enjoyed many, if not all, of his previous albums/projects but there is something about this one that really does a wonderful job of conveying that mental image to the listener. So, if you’re reading this, please go out and get yourself a copy of EEPS by either visiting your local music store or clicking on the links below! You will not regret it. EEPS is out now on Lazy Bones Recordings!

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