REVIEW: Martyr Defiled – Lifeless [Single/2013]


Artist: Martyr Defiled

Single: Lifeless

Rating: 5/5



Complacency is a plague which has been stalking the “-core” genres for what feels like eons. With seemingly no freedom from boring, ball-and-chain stagnancy, listeners are growing more and more bored and fewer and fewer bands are attempting to push the envelope and make consistently refreshing music. Martyr Defiled are still one of those bands. What feels like fresh off of the heels of their powerhouse EP In Shadows, the Lincolnshire progressive, thrash-laden deathcore act have released a crushing, skin-peeling single titled “Lifeless,” which is anything but. Filled with lacerating, shredding riffs and pummeling, incessant drumming, “Lifeless” is just the beat that deathcore’s EKG needed. The track is a positively demolishing journey through the underbelly of the thrash-influenced deathcore scene, with just enough grinding, almost-chugging to keep the listener’s head bobbing. Finally, at two separate points in the track, when the listener least expects it, soul-obliterating, skull-crushing breakdowns completely reduce the listener’s ears to ashes. The punchline here is simple: if you were at all a fan of In Shadows, or want to hear a band who are satisfied with nothing other than pushing their limitations to their absolute limits, give “Lifeless” a listen immediately–you will not be disappointed.


For Fans Of: Demoraliser, LIFERUINER, Thick As Blood

By: Connor Welsh/Eccentricism