Review: Memoir of a Massacre – Images

MOAM Cover parental


Artist: Memoir of a Massacre
Album: Images
Rating: 9/10


Memoir of a Massacre was on hiatus for awhile, but they’re back and better than ever with the release of their new EP “Images”. The band features Brittany Yarnell on Drums, Rachel Scott on Guitar/Back up vocals, Jesse Shaffer on Bass guitar and Andrew Belmont on lead vocals. With the addition of Ryan Baggett, their new guitarist which added some incredible harmonies to the band, the band is ready to tear the metal scene a new one. This EP is all over the place with influences of hardcore, metalcore, nu-metal and some piano-driven parts as well. The band was contacted in Halloween of 2012 by Project: Records CEO Jordan Swickard, who you may know as the vocalist for Stories of Solitude and also as a reviewer on this site. After signing the band, they went into Anthem Studios with Will Beasley and put together a song line-up for “Images” with every metalhead in mind. The result? One of the most impressive metal EP’s I’ve heard this year!

We open up the EP with the track “Nothing Left” which starts off with a piano-driven intro and then explodes into absolute chaos. Andrew’s screams are phenomenal in this track, but that’s not all there is to offer in this one. Brittany pounds the drum with a relentless fury, Rachel and Ryan shred their guitars and provide some pretty amazing solo work and of course that humming, driving bass line from Jesse. This is a track about heartbreak, but it’s approached in such a way that only metalheads will truly take grasp of. “In the end there will be nothing left. With every memory you will forget. With all the pain held deep inside, Can I be healed this time?” Very powerful lyrics and very deep meaning.

Next we have “Push to Break” which has more of a nu-metal feel to it, but this isn’t your normal nu-metal, this is amped up, in your face, devastating nu-metal! This is a track about pushing yourself to your absolute limits and not stopping until you’ve reached your goals. A lot of bands attempt to reach this subject, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it done the way that MOAM have in this track. Again, we have some pretty amazing solo work in this one, nothing too flashy, but just enough to keep your interest. It ends with some pretty killer instrumentals and an incredible scream by Andrew.

With the closing of that track, we are brought into “House of the Wicked”. This track is very reminiscent of Five Finger Death Punch in parts, which I really loved the first time I heard it. ¬†After that, we are thrown into an absolute hailstorm of aggression and it just gets better and better as it goes. Do I hear a little bit of Slipknot influence toward the mid-parts of this track? I think so! The only thing I am really iffy on about this track is the cleans. They are a little off-kilter to my ears. That’s not to say that they are horrible or even bad, just a little…off, I guess you could say. It’s definitely a killer track to get into though!

Once the torrential downpour of awesome finally dies down, we have “Paranoid Suicide”. This track has, in my opinion, one of the heaviest and most aggressive intro parts and is just absolutely nothing but aggression and anger throughout. The track is about paranoia, seeing things that aren’t there and imagining things that aren’t happening. The lyrics are incredibly imaginative.


Next to last is a little track called “Possession”. Andrew’s screams are a bit lower on this one, but fluctuate throughout and it really gives the impression that he’s possessed. That’s a good thing, because this track is literally about being possessed. The lyrics are absolutely bone-chilling. This is one of my favorite tracks on the EP, nonetheless.

Finally, we end the EP with “Conflict” which is part nu-metal, part metalcore and all parts kick ass! The cleans in this one are a little odd, but it doesn’t take away from how killer this track is. Andrew just absolutely lets loose on this one. Every band member brings their all into it and it pulls you in, you can feel it doing so.

Final Thoughts:

“Images” is not for the faint of heart, but if you love metal and you enjoy lesser-known bands, DEFINITELY check this one out! The band threw everything they had into this EP and you can really tell by the quality of each track. I will definitely be keeping this EP on repeat for awhile and I hope you will find the time to go and check it out! “Images” is out now on Project: Records!