Mereflesh is the subject of this article. They are a death metal/beatdown band out of Melbourne, Australia, and have released an EP, The Nightmare Begins, that is of four tracks. Each track is different, but strings together well. Being a death/beatdown metal band, you can definitely pick up influences of each subgenre throughout the instruments and vocals placed into each track. It’s very refreshing, to say the least. So, let’s jump right into the fray.

The lyrics, as mentioned early, also play to both subgenres thematically. Not to mention the vocal patterns also play an exceedingly nice role in adding some grime to the EP. The themes of the song titles also play alongside the lyrics, which is also a nice plus as well. Honestly, I wish there was more content because there is so much more experimentation , I felt, could have had been had, but hopefully, we can see that in future projects. Altogether, as far as the vocal prowess and lyricism go, it is very satisfying.

Moving forward, we have the instrumentals. Now, leaping back a bit, I mentioned that some more content would have been nice to better explore the capabilities of the vocals and lyrics, the same applies here for instrumental work. While some tracks were outstanding in this department, at some points, I feel a little diversity could have added a nice touch. Especially with only working with 4 tracks. The ambiance added in the tracks also adds some well-appreciated atmosphere, and creates a sense of tension, before bursting into each track or so. Mashed together, Mereflesh has a really great sound, especially within its genre.

Lastly, the production. Looking into this, it seems very well put together, but the only thing I found standing out more than anything was the double bass. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it did take away a smidge from the guitars/bass at work. While drums add dimension to a track, like everything, there needs to be a balance, as far as equalizing the sounds go. However, the thing to keep in mind is that this is a debut and a pretty great one. I’ve said this a plethora of times, but practice makes perfect and with more EPs and albums to come, hopefully, we’ll see the fruit of that.

So, if anyone of you is looking for a band to invest in, and this is your genre of choice, here’s your band. They have the EP The Nightmare Begins streaming officially on YouTube, so if you’re wanting to hear this EP for yourself, that’s the place to go. I’ll provide links to their social media and etc, but I just want to thank Mereflesh. I’m excited to see what more they do and the future and I wish them all the best in their music endeavors.


Score: 7/10




Additional Band Info:

Band Members
Drew – Vocals
Heath – Guitar
Brenton – Guitar
Chris – Bass
Milky – Drums
Record Label
Rising Nemisis Records