Review: I the Mighty – “Speak to Me” (Single) [2013]



Artist:  I the Mighty

Label:  Equal Vision Records

Track:  “Speak to Me

After a big signing with Equal Visions Records and a video full of inspiring words from vocalist and guitarist Brent Walsh, I the Mighty put out what can only be described as an amazing and progressive label-debut single.  These boys got signed and immediately stepped up their game with “Speak to Me,” giving their sound a heavier edge with some more intense vocals and a bit of a “funky” groove snuck into the tune.  This song can almost be looked at like a high for the band – showing what they can do.  No need to worry, though, because the band didn’t change all together – the song still has the things that all I the Mighty fans love from the band, such as their sweet melodies and some ear-pleasuring guitarwork.  Some people might look at this song as a step down for I the Mighty, possibly preferring the overall sound of songs before, but mark my words, this song is just one of thirteen on the upcoming record, “Satori,” being put out by ITM – there is much more to come, and this song shows very much promise for the album.  “Satori” will be available to the public for purchase on June eleventh, and is currently available for pre-order – order your copy, included with some wonderful bundle deals!

Rating:  9 / 10

For Fans Of:  Hands Like Houses, The Dear Hunter, Palisades

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