Review: Milestones (UK) – Equal Measures

Artist: Milestones (UK)
Album: Equal Measures
Rating: 5/5

When you think pop-punk, you immediately get glimpses of pizza (thanks Jarrod Alonge, ha!), summer flings and just an overall good time. For me, I’m immediately led back to the time when bands like New Found Glory were at their prime. That’s not to say NFG isn’t still kicking ass and taking names, even today… because we all know Resurrection was a masterpiece, I’m just spoiled by the glory days of the genre. That’s a great thing for a band like recent Fearless Records signing, Milestones, because I feel like they’re one of those bands who seeks to bring it back. Their debut album Equal Measures will immediately show you why Fearless Records decided to invest their time in the band. 5 tracks of emotional, nostalgic beauty that never lets up and never lets go. Not to mention, I’m a big fan of vocalists who aren’t afraid to let their heritage float into their vocals (see Hands Like Houses, early Asking Alexandria and a plethora of Irish punk bands.)

“Call Me Disaster” opens as if it were a starry-eyed teenager, deep in a state of infatuation. A slow, subtle acoustic intro gives way to Matthew John Clarke’s amazing, if slightly nasally, vocals. Nostalgia takes over his mind, as he’s reminded of a time when he had a love he thought would never end. When that individual told him that he was nothing but a “hopeless wreck,” he decided he would take it as a way of moving past her. I really love the switch between acoustic-electric and fully electric guitar riffs in this track, it gives the melancholy subject matter a bit of a way to spread it’s wings.

“Nothing Left” is my favorite track on the album, not just for what I mentioned earlier about heritage leaking into the vocals. It’s the level of emotion that was injected in this track. This track calls to mind the feeling you get when you end a relationship that you’ve put your all into. 80% sadness, 20% anger and all raw emotion. Desire tempts you to want to mend those broken fences, especially when they realize they’ve made a mistake. You find a way to resist, though, and find yourself getting stronger. The build-up on this track, from a slow, ballad-like track to a true explosion of emotion, really captures the listener. Even moreso, if you’ve found yourself going through or having gone through the same things.

While I only touched on 2 of the 5 tracks on the EP, make no mistake about it… Milestones is the next big thing in pop-punk. Fearless Records gave them a platform to help the US discover them and they’ll use that platform well, beginning with Equal Measures. The best part about this EP, though, is the fact that it leaves you begging for more. It ends so abruptly that you find yourself a bit frustrated, when you realize that it started over. General fans of pop-punk, as well as people who prefer the nostalgic side, will all find something to love in this album. If you’re going through a bad relationship, though, this EP is especially for you… it’s a way for you to realize that you’re not going through it alone and that you can find the strength to either end it, or stand up for yourself. Keep your eye on these 5 phenomenal individuals, it won’t be long before you’ll see their name in lights, the world-over! Be sure to pick up your copy of Equal Measures, using the links below!

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Milestones (UK) is:
Matthew John Clarke – Vocals
Andrew Procter – Guitar 
Mark Threlfall – Bass
Andrew Makin – Drums
Eden Leviston – Guitar