REVIEW: Misleading Impression “As If I Cared” Single+Bonus Track Release.


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Italian post-hardcore outfit Misleading Impression formed in 2012. The five piece hails from Alessandria, Italy and are breaking onto the scene with their two new tracks. They are currently in the studio working hard for a full-length album.

The first track released is As If You Cared. It’s an amazing track with a sound that sounds similar to a lot of artists, but at the same time carves out its own idenity. With a solid instrumental track accompanied with amazing vocals by front man Leonardo Mantelli and a solid drum track from Chirstian Lombardo, this track is sure to be a hit with all the fans this band is sure to gain. This song also the subject of their first music video and is an all-around amazing debut track.

M.I. is the second track from them, and it is another solid effort. Not as good as As If You Cared, but that would be like saying one member of the Beatles is not as good as the other. In the end, it’s still amazing. With an amazing double guitar sound from Andrea De Paola and Daniel Lombardio and another soild vocal effort from Leonardo, this is sure to be another hit. The bass track is also very well done thanks to Riccardo Ramagna.

All in all, up and coming band Misleading Impression is a band to watch for. I see great things in the band’s future and I expect many more amazing songs from this Italian upstart.


As If I Cared: 9/10
M.I.: 8.5/10

Overall Score: 8.75

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