REVIEW: Monarch Sky “Embryo”


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Monarch Sky is a female-fronted hard rock band based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their Facebook states that the music is powered by “edgy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, heavy drum fills, and euphonious bass undertones” and they did not disappoint on the debut EP Embryo. The vocal work by lead singer Brandy is a voice that is raw, powerful, and just hypnotizing. The instrumental work accompanying the vocals is stellar and can easily rival some of the bigger bands out there today. Each track has a feel to it that drew me in deeper and deeper with every riff, cymbal crash, and word sung. Giving off vibes of a Tool/Evanescence combo band, Monarch Sky is a band to check out and look out for. With support and work, this band could be the next big thing in the hard rock genre.

Verdict: 9/10

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