Review: Like Monroe – Things We Think, But Never Speak

Album Cover
Artist: Like Monroe
Album: Things We Think, But Never Speak
Label: eOne/Good Fight Entertainment

There are things we think about every single day. Thoughts that plague our minds and haunt our dreams. Whether it be about the unknown, spectral entities, the fact that we may not be alone, etc… these are Things We Think, But Never Speak. Why is it that we don’t speak of these things? Is it because we think we’ll be labeled as crazy? Sent away to live in an asylum for years to come? Whatever the case may be, Houston’s Like Monroe is certainly unafraid to speak on these subjects. There are many bands that are really impressing me from the Houston scene these days but Like Monroe is by far one of the MOST impressive in their genre. Produced, engineered and mixed by Drew Fulk (ThinkSound Studios), Things We Think, But Never Speak shows LM at the top of their game and proves that they’ve got what it takes to play with the big boys!

Signed to eOne/Good Fight Entertainment in March, this band has been making waves since their debut single, “The Enemy” was released. If you thought that was impressive, though, wait until you hear the full album! With explosive tracks like “Roswell”, “The Hills”, “Prison Food”, “Circle the Drain” and the appearance of well-known metalcore vocalist Garret Rapp (The Color Morale) on “Black Lungs”… this album already appeals to metal enthusiasts. Laced with plenty of guitar solos, blasting drums and breakdowns, that’s just the beginning. It also has a more subtle, beautiful side shown on tracks like “So Beautiful”, “Changing Lanes” and “Strange Lips”. While the focus seems to be lyrics on the unexplained, hence the album title, it seems that these tracks have a deeper meaning that is up to interpretation for the listener, as most tracks should be. The shining star of the album, to me, is “Black Lungs” though. There’s just something about the delivery overall with this track in particular… not just because it’s the only track that includes a guest vocalist. Whether it’s the riff-driven nature of the track, the solos, the lyrics, the vocals or a combination of all of the above, there’s something extra special about this track.

While the album is amazing as a whole, if you’re into the heavier stuff… you’re probably going to pick and choose the tracks you enjoy on this album. But before you do, make sure and do yourself a favor by listening to it in full first! You might find yourself surprised. Things We Think, But Never Speak will be out October 14th, through eOne/Good Fight Music and you can pre-order your copy by visiting the links below! Also, be sure to check out “The Hills”, “Roswell” and “The Enemy”… all included below as well!

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