Review: Monster Truck – Furiosity


Artist: Monster Truck
Album: Furiosity
Rating: 10/10
Canada just seems to keep pushing out killer bands left and right. Up next, we’ve got Monster Truck, a ferocious kick of hard rock, mixed with vocals reminiscent of Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry with a little more of a Southern feel to them. The band consists of 4 members, all of whom provide vocals to the band. Jon also plays Bass, Brandon does Keys, Steve does Drums, and Jer is on Guitar. For me to say that “Furiosity”, their latest album is an epic rock album would be quite the understatement. Instead, let me put it more accurately and say that “Furiosity” is an incredible almost unprecedented journey, in the same respect as what bands like Dream Theater, Rush and Fleetwood Mac would take you in. The album itself is all over the place, which brings a perfect blend of melody, harmony, aggression, soft rock and even some country-like twang at times. I’m proud to bring you my review of this astounding album and hope that it will sell you on the band like it did with me!

Key Tracks:

The Lion: This track is where we really start to hear that Black Stone Cherry/Shinedown-like vocal styling I mentioned earlier.  “I’m down but I’m not defeated” is heard many times throughout this track. This track is about being put through so much, being put down, but getting right back up and going back at it again. The background instrumentals on this one are pretty heavy, but the vocals keep it at a normal level of aggression, rather than turning it into a completely angry track like most would expect for instrumentals like this.

Sweet Mountain River: This track was my first exposure to the band and I was instantly captivated. The Southern Rock feel is definitely one that works for this band. This song seems to be about escaping the places that are keeping you down. “Sweet Mountain River, come take me away” is the vocalist’s way of saying that he wants a new start, away from the bad influences and situations that have forced him to not feel at home in the city he’s in. Definitely a great track, lyrically, vocally and instrumentally.

The Giant: This track clocks in at just over 2 minutes, making it the shortest on the album, but ironically, it’s one of the heaviest on the album. This is where we start to see the more “ferocious” side of Furiosity, not previously FULLY explored throughout the rest of the album so far. It fits perfectly with the rest of the album, despite it’s short length.

My Love Is True: This is the longest track on the album and is a beautiful end to the incredible journey that it takes us on. This track has a more blues-rock feel to it, while still keeping that southern rock feel that we have come to know and love from Monster Truck. This track is about being cheated on, broken down, but still keeping the love you have for that person. The person wants nothing to do with you, but still you keep trying to make things right. This track is particularly talking about tour life and what’s going on while he’s gone.

Final Thoughts:

For a band I’d previously never heard of, this band has made a large imprint on my heart. “Furiosity” is a mix of heavy and slow, soft and hard, beautiful and aggressive and everything in between. If you’re looking for a great rock album that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of feelings, look no further. “Furiosity” comes out May 28th via Dine Alone Records. Be sure to pick up your copy and find out for yourself why this band lives up to their slogan “I love Monster Truck”!

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