REVIEW: Motionless In White “Reincarnate”


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Reincarnation. The concept that the soul or spirit will being a new life in a new body after death. In a way, that’s what Motionless In White has done with this album. They’ve stepped away from the metalcore scene that they were consistently grouped in over the years and transitioned into a more straight up metal sound. And it’s a good move for the band, as they seem to have come into their own sound with this record. However, it’s not completely unique. There is an obvious Marilyn Manson influence it seems on some of these songs. Not entirely a bad thing, but it just seems really obvious at times rather than subtle like most influences usually are. I feel like the album suffers from inconsistency at times. Some of the songs rank among the best that Motionless as ever put out. Yet some of the songs fall behind and feel pretty forgettable.

The star track on the album is also the heaviest. Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale) is the conclusion of the Puppets trilogy started on their debut record. Starting out with a fast paced guitar riff, it builds into a demonic howl from guest vocalist Dani Filth. This song would’ve been good without him but it wouldn’t be anywhere near the absolute monster track it is had they not brought Dani along to sing the main verses. The extreme metal veteran brings a level of intensity and power to the song that perfectly compliments Chris’s growls and cleans. And it’s a fitting end to the fan favorite song series.

Reincarnate is a mixed bag. What it gets right, it gets right with absolute precision and perfection. But that just makes the shortcomings all that more prevalent. The band is coming into their own, but I feel like this album leaves a bit to be desired. If they can take everything great about this album and improve upon it with the next record, Motionless can create the work of art that this album could’ve been.