Review: Mudface – Hellfoot (Single)

Hellfoot single cover
Artist: Mudface
Album: Hellfoot – Single
Rating: 5/5

When you’re coming out of a Metal scene as legendary as that of the San Francisco Bay area’s, you can’t afford to pull any punches. Over the years, the area has bred monumental acts like Metallica, Death Angel, Exodus, Testament, and more. Destined to be passed the torch, Mudface is a band that knows what today’s metal fan wants and delivers. Formed by vocalist Chris Dinsmore and current Death Angel guitarist Ted Aguilar, this band packs a powerful punch that can be felt worldwide. Having released 2 EPs and 1 full-length, ANTI (the latter of which received airplay worldwide), they are no strangers to hard work. The result of that can be felt in full-force by their newest single “Hellfoot” which was released this past Friday. They’re out to prove that the metal scene is far from dead and, while their music is groovy and has hooks, they never stray from who they are as musicians, keeping to their roots.

“Hellfoot” prepares you for the onslaught with some mid-tempo riffage from guitarists Rob and Grant Kolowitz. Bringing you to the edge of your seat, the full band comes in, sans-vocals and you immediately know that this is metal at its finest. Finally, we’re met with the general himself, Dinsmore, who commands the listeners attention with his deep, ominous tone. “Don’t beg for mercy, you should’ve known, the path you’ve chosen leads to hidden dangers” he says, mocking the subject of the track. This track seeks to mutilate all it comes into contact with, evident by the build-up, beginning after the 2nd chorus. Dinsmore’s tone gets deeper as he sings the bridge, leading up to a point where he explodes in a scream before being overtaken by a fiery solo from Rob Kolowitz. Afterwards, the embers evolve into a blaze as the track reaches it’s heaviest point yet and we begin to really hear the bands roots shine through.

“Hellfoot” is all-killer, no-filler and if you don’t like your music loud, heavy and corrosive… you’d do best to stay away from this band. Their sophomore full-length album, The Bane of Existence, will be out on March 18th and it only promises to get better from there. Be sure to check out the single, out on all digital retailers now, along with the video for the track below. All we’ve got to say is that, if this is the first taste, we can’t wait for the full feast, next month!

“Hellfoot” (Official Music Video)

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Mudface is:
Chris Dinsmore – Lead Vocals
Brett Crane – Vocals & Keyboards
Rob Kolowitz – Guitar
Grant Kolowitz – Guitar
Jim Pegram – Bass
Tim Davis – Drums