Exclusive Review: Neil to Aldrin – Dear, Beloved… (Single)


Artist: Neil to Aldrin
Album: Dear, Beloved… – Single


If you’re from the Southeast Texas or Southwest Louisiana area and you’re a fan of local metal, Neil to Aldrin should be a band who needs no introduction! Formed in October of 2010, this group of talented young musicians is quickly climbing their way up the ladder and leaving a devastating trail of all who stand in their way behind them! With catchy melodies, crushing vocals, and face-melting instrumentals, this band is out to prove that metal is anything but dead! The band consists of  4 members: Jay Espinoza on Lead Vocals, Jess Espinoza on Drums, Josh Herron on Lead Guitar and Noah Free on Bass. Their latest single “Dear, Beloved…” is the first from their upcoming album titled “Wake Me When I’m Famous”. You can watch the official lyric video for the track in the appropriate link below. This track’s ferocity is on a level few can manage to obtain on a local scale! With the level of professionalism this band has achieved, you wouldn’t even know that they are from the small town of Vidor, TX! The cleans in the chorus remind me a lot of A Day to Remember, which is pretty cool because it throws that element of surprise in there with a little pop-punk feel, leveled out with those devastatingly powerful screams from frontman Jay Espinoza. This is a band who is showing that they are not afraid to step outside of the box and don’t care what people think. They have said that they have played a show of 200 and a show of 2 just the same, that they only do it for the fans and that they appreciate every listen, attendance, or conversation they manage to have with a fan. I would definitely be watching this band close as they rise to stardom, because I see big things in the future for them! Check out “Dear, Beloved…” below and prepare yourself for one hell of a good time when “Wake Me When I’m Famous” drops a little later this year!

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Dear, Beloved… Official Lyric Video