Review: NerVer – Bullfighter


NerVer Bullfighter cover

Artist: NerVer
Album: Bullfighter
Rating: 9/10

If you’re familiar with 90s rock, the name Seven Mary Three will jump out at you like a sore thumb, I’m sure. Their hits “Cumbersome”, “Water’s Edge” and “Wait” are surely a staple in rock history. Bassist, Casey Daniel has now formed a new project, naturally a hard rock band, called NerVer. If you’re a fan of good, no-bullshit rock with nothing but the truth in the lyrics, you will love this band. Their single, “No Cage” climbed the charts and that was only the beginning. Their debut album, “twenty twenty one twenty twelve” was released in 2010 with raving response from critics and fans alike. In 2011, the band’s name really began to spread, adding the talent of Marshall Hearne and beginning to book shows in some pretty legendary venues. Fast forward to 2013, “No Cage” is still incredibly well-known and the band are gearing up for a new release, “Bullfighter” on October 29th. In the same vein as their last album, this one is nothing but the type edgy, hard rock that only a band of their caliber can produce. Highlights of the album include a new version of “No Cage”, “Interrogation”, “Pipe Dream”, “Hammer and Anvil” and “Kings Will Fall”.

This is a band that I could definitely see impressing on the live front as well. Have you ever noticed how the bands who play the slower, more gritty rock are the bands who really kick ass live? That’s because the music really digs into you and gets you moving, as well as speaks to you. The bass lines on this album are pretty sick too! Every track on the album has a driving bass line that really connects the track and progresses the album forward, something that the ladies could shake to perhaps?

The bottom line for this album is that if you’re a fan of hard rock, you long for how rock used to be; Full of the truth, balls to the wall and relentless. With NerVer and “Bullfighter”, you get that and much more. Listen to this album with an open mind and let the music flow through you. There are plenty of surprises that keep the album from being boring or getting stale, so no fear there guys! So what are you waiting for? This bull is coming for you, don’t raise the red flag and let it pass you by! Instead, let it hit you, full force and see what all the hype is about! Pick up your copy of “Bullfighter” on October 29th through Pavement Entertainment!

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