REVIEW: At Night They Return EP


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Everyone could use a healthy dose of violent and angry hatred in their day. So when I sat down and listened to At Night They Return’s self-titled EP, I was blown away. Right from the first note, this is angry old school deathcore personified. Three tracks filled with some of the angriest music around in the scene today.

Pig squeals and death growls pulverize your eardrums as the accompanying shreds of the guitar and slams of the drums pierce your brain and fill your mind with pure unadulterated aggression. Trenchdick is easily the heaviest track on the album with absolutely no break in the power. The vocals are filthy and the instrumentals are murderous. Anal Bead Rosary is brutal but has a cooldown part within it (can’t blame them, any more aggression from this EP and it might kill someone) that fits the mood perfectly. Finally, finishing off the EP is No One Is Safe, which is the most melodic of the songs and also the most emotional of the three. But through all three, cooldowns and all, this is deathcore personified.

What can I say about this EP? It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn close nonetheless. If you’re a fan of head bashing deathcore, ear piercing metal, or just want to let out some anger, you need to go get this EP right now!

Score: 9/10