Review: Nightmares – Suspiria


Artist: Nightmares
Album: Suspiria
Rating: 9/10

SuspiriaA popular film from 1977 directed by the master of horror Dario Argento. While it would pale in comparison to some of today’s films, it definitely made it’s mark in horror movie history. It contained buckets of blood, a cheesy (yet gripping) plot and, of course, an incredibly chilling soundtrack to go along with it. It was one of Argento’s most successful films, nominated for 2 Saturn Awards (1978 and 2002, respectively). More importantly, it was the first in an incredible trilogy of movies Argento deemed “The Three Mothers”.  So, why would it not be fitting for an album title? Especially for a band with the name Nightmares! This quintet out of Atlanta, GA is anything but ordinary and they’ve proved that from the beginning. Signed to Rise Records earlier this year, the band used a series of incredibly creepy videos before unleashing their unique brand of metalcore upon the world with their debut single, “In the Mouth of Madness” which featured fellow Atlanta native, Tyler Carter. The video, released March 5th, featured a gruesome scene: complete with possession, a gorgeous lead and murder. I knew from the moment I heard this track that I would be in for something special with this release. They have something to prove and it starts with Suspiria.

While Suspiria, isn’t a concept album, the track titles follow suit with the album title. That is, each track’s title is an homage to a popular horror film. If you missed the heavier side of metalcore, you will enjoy tracks like “Cujo”, which served as the album’s second single and, my personal favorite “Tourist Trap”. If you’re more into the traditional sound, then you will find “In the Mouth of Madness”, “Carnival of Souls ” and “Hands of the Ripper” appealing. But these guys aren’t completely about a heavy sound, they’re out to live up to their name, especially evident in tracks like the aforementioned “Carnival of Souls”, the outro to “Cujo” and “Enter the Void”. Each and every track contributes to the overall eerie vibe that this album gives off and proves that having Nightmares can be a great thing. The first time I heard this album, the first track I was truly drawn to was “The Tommyknockers”. This track serves as an interlude and actually managed to not only give me chills, but actually give me Nightmares for the first week or so after hearing it. That being said, this album is not for the faint of heart but if you dig metalcore in any sense, I guarantee you will find something you will enjoy.

Suspiria is one of those albums that has a pretty crazy replay value. Upon listening to it for the first time, you may be drawn in but not completely sold. After the next listen (and the ones following), you will discover that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Nightmares. So be sure to pick up your copy of Suspiria, out on Rise Records June 3rd and be sure to lock yourself tight under your covers as the shadows begin to take shape, overtaking you and pulling you to your inevitable end!

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“In the Mouth of Madness (ft. Tyler Carter)”

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