Review: Nothing More – Nothing More


Artist: Nothing More
Album: Nothing More
Rating: 10/10

One band that everyone is talking about is San Antonio’s Nothing More, and for good reason! I had the chance to see these guys live at Rockfest in Kansas City and their music, their live performance and everything about them is absolutely mind-blowing! First of all, you will immediately notice that there is an energetic nature to their music. A lot of bands attempt to bring this energy to their live show but always fall short somehow. However, Nothing More (especially vocalist Jonny Hawkins) have an energy that is unmatched, making them one of the most impressive live acts these days. When these guys began, they started branding themselves for each year of touring they completed: totaling just over 10 years! With the release of their 5th full-length, a self-titled effort, these guys are proving that they have what it takes to run with the big boys!

With tracks like “This is the Time (Ballast)”, “Christ Copyright” and “Mr. MTV” they have shown that they are a band heavily rooted in anti-politics, anti-religion and anti-war. Witness the rebirth of cinematic rock as you know it! Nothing More is singlehandedly trying to rise up and start a revolution against the tyranny our government has rained down upon us. Their arsenal is complete with passion, fury and a desire to make a change in this world. The pen is mightier than the sword, words are weapons and Hawkins certainly proves it as he rallies NM’s massive fan base while aiming his sharp tongue at his would-be enemies. It’s not often that you see a band as passionate, as loyal or as dedicated without some monetary gain behind it all. However, NM has been doing this solo for years and their signing to Eleven Seven only shows that their propaganda-like message will have a stronger audience!

If you’ve never heard this band, I suggest you go and pick up Nothing More and listen to it in it’s entirety. It’s certain to blow your mind and your speakers, while speaking the truth that few dare to. This is only the beginning for this band and bigger things lie on the horizon. Keep your eye on them because you won’t want to be the one who didn’t heed their message. Rise up, strike back and make a change!