NEW TRANSCENDENCE EXCLUSIVE Review!!!: The Novelist – Under the Light (Single)



Artist: The Novelist
Album: Dead and Judged

The Novelist from Boise, Idaho is a band that will soon see heads banging and mosh pits cranking it up a notch! When I first heard this band, I was instantly blown away, their debut single “Under the Light” is unlike any metal track I have heard in quite some time! Starting off heavy and finishing off devastating, this is definitely a track that will wake you up! The overwhelming amount of power that vocalist Graham Hartless puts into the track is almost scary. Dylan Hamar, the guitarist, turns the face-melting capacity to full blast delivering incredibly catchy, yet catastrophic riffs that will get you moving. Drummer Dillon Erickson pounds the skins as if they were his worst enemy and really kicks the track up a notch. If this isn’t enough to get you interested in the track or the band, consider this: The band is getting ready to release their debut EP “Dead and Judged” which features guest vocals from Shawn Spann of I, The Breather! Interested yet? Yeah, I thought so. So keep an eye on this band, go to the link attached to the name and give them a “like” on Facebook and get ready for something incredible with the release of “Dead and Judged” in the coming months! The single “Under the Light” will be out very soon, so get ready!