Review: October Rage – Fallout, Dust and Guns

Artist: October Rage
Album: Fallout, Dust and Guns
Rating: 5/5

Track List:
1. “Valkyrie”
2. “Signal Fire”
3. “End of Days”
4. “Heart of Stone”
5. “White Walkers”

Australia’s October Rage has grown a massive presence in the US over the past year. With the release of their debut album, Outrage, in 2011 they saw tours with the likes of Sevendust, Saliva and Steel Panther. Before that, though, the band won a competition to play alongside the legendary Bon Jovi in Australia! These are impressive for any band but the fact that these guys are STILL unsigned makes it even more impressed! If you’ve ever seen them live, you’ll know that they put an unforgettable amount of energy and passion into their live performance… which definitely translates to their studio music. 3 years later (almost to the day), they released Fallout, Dust and Guns, a concept EP that would show an entirely different side of the band. What side you may ask? Theatrical.

Take a listen to the explosive, anthem-like opener “Valkyrie” and it becomes apparent very quickly that these guys have a knack for songwriting. As vocalist Nick Roberts cries out “Valkyrie, it’s a perfect day to die!” you feel your heart soar, as if preparing for the battle of your life! That feeling is intensified to the maximum when you’re watching the video, recently released. Beyond that, though, this album is filled with twists and turns. One moment, your punched in the face with a track like “Valkyrie”, the next you’re into an emotional ballad-like tune like “Heart of Stone”. The album closes with their #1 hit, “White Walkers” which, oddly enough, fits perfectly on this EP.

Whether you’ve already established yourself as a fan of the band, just discovering them because of this review or anywhere in between…. one thing’s for certain: These guys are proving that they have what it takes to rise to the top of the US Rock scene! So kick back, relax and prepare for one hell of a ride with Fallout, Dust and Guns, out now!

October Rage is:

Nick Roberts – Vocals, Guitar
William Roberts – Bass
Kai Chambers – Drums
John McMullen – Guitars, Keys

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