Review: One-Eyed Doll – Monster: ReMonstered

Artist: One-Eyed Doll
Album: Monster: ReMonstered
Rating: 10/10

Austin’s One-Eyed Doll can easily be put in the category of “Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of”. From their debut album, “Hole” in 2007 to now, they are the picture of progression and hard work. ¬†If you get a chance to see them live or you notice they’re coming to your area, they are not an act to be missed! I had the pleasure of seeing them with Otep back in March of last year and I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears! Not to mention the kindness they showed to us after the show. ¬†Monster, their latest full-length album, was filled with crowd favorites with tracks like “Be My Friend”, “Plumes of Death”, “Fight” and “Brief Candle”. The only thing lacking on this album, though, was the incredibly talented Jason Rufuss Sewell (aka Junior) on drums. However, the band has returned with an entirely new take on that album, adding Junior to the mix! ReMonstered is fully remastered, remixed and revamped and ready to hit your ears in a way you’d never thought possible.

While whimsical and fancy-free on the surface, this band brings hard rock to life in a way that no other band could. With a pretty monumental fanbase, all obtained with little-to-no PR other than themselves, they have proven with this new version that they are a band to be watched. Gearing up for the release of their new album, they wanted to give fans something special. Well, they delivered the goods in all the right ways. Not only does this new version contain new twists and turns, it contains a cover (I Am A Viking, Originally by Yngwie Malmsteen). The cover is a bit more electronic-oriented than most of the work on the album, but innovation is why we love them, right? The best part is the partnership between Kimberly and Junior… the band would not be the same without one or the other. They work collectively to bring some of the freshest, best music your ears have ever beheld. There’s a little something for everyone on this album, whether you like heavy, soft or in-between. Be on the lookout for their new album coming later this year!

Overall: This is an album not to be missed, Kimberly’s vocal range is nuts, Junior’s drum skills are unmatched and the band as a whole is truly one of the best rarities you’ll ever be privy to. So go pick up your copy of “Monster: ReMonstered” from one (or both) of the links below and be witness to the greatness that is One-Eyed Doll. Also check out the video for “Be My Friend” below. All photos you see are courtesy of my good friend Nikki McGarvey of Vibrant Expressions Photography. She’s an incredible photographer and I look forward to the day we can cover a show together again!

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“Be My Friend (ReMonstered Version)” Official Music Video

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