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Band: That’s Outrageous
Album: Psycho
Rating: 3/5



1. Psycho
2. Return to Woodsboro
3. Pretty Little Liars
4. Obliviate
5. Vyanse Trance
6. Paging Patrick Bateman
7. Flatliners
8. Home Invasion 101
9. Stranger Danger
10. *67
11. The New York Chainsaw Massacre, Part II
12. Straight to Voicemail

Variety is the spice of life and Poughkeepsie’s, That’s Outrageous proves that on their sophomore album “Psycho.” Follow-ups are hard to do but these guys didn’t necessarily miss their mark with this one! This album has something for everyone to enjoy: poppy dance-along tracks, heavy tracks, melodies to die for! Their debut album “Teenage Scream” was a huge hit but I almost enjoy “Psycho” just as much. It’s not a perfect album, but at the same time, it’s not a huge failure. Keeping your originality in a scene that’s ever-changing is a hard thing to do. Despite member changes, band beefs, and many haters, this band just keeps their wheels rolling! Without further ado, here’s my review of “Psycho”


I don’t necessarily have any favorite tracks on this album, but it’s a solid album overall. So I’m going to do this review a different way, I’m going to review one of each type of song that this album has to offer.

Heavy Track (Stranger Danger): Chugging guitars and epic screams all ’round. This is the ONLY song on the album that has absolutely no clean vocals. Definitely a hard-hitting, break shit type of track.

Acoustic Track (*67): The vocals on this song are pretty great. Absolutely no autotune in them, which is a major plus. Every band in this genre seems to be riddled with autotune and it’s getting quite boring to be honest. Great track and a great listen

Poppy Track (Vyanse Trance): A fun dance-a-long track that gets you moving. Complete with synth, techno beats, and is completely sung in autotune. A very fun listen, in my opinion.

Now this album didn’t captivate me like their last did, but it’s not a bad album. I definitely would recommend it to any fan of electronic/metal bands. It’s a solid listen, not extremely boring or repetitive and overall, I give it a 3 out of 5. Go pick up your copy of “Psycho” out now on InVogue Records!


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