Review – P.O.D – Circles

Artist: P.O.D

Album: Circles

Rating: 9/10

P.O.D has had alot of activity this year, from multiple single releases and a huge tour with Buckcherry, Lit and Alien Ant Farm. It all started back when they released the track, “Soundboy Killa” which is a track featured on the album, “Circles” which is a banger and really opened the door for the fierceness to come.

I was also granted the opportunity to see them live on the Generation X Tour, and of course they rocked, still full of energy and carried their classic reggae-ish sound. Now enter their new album, “Circles” which I was invited to listen to which is available now through Mascot Label Group. Shout out to them for the physical album! 

P.O.D served up “Soundboy Killa” as the first released teaser track to surprise fans back in August 2017 to set off a tour of the same name. The track itself is loud and takes charge right off the bat with its heavy breakdown beginning with guitar-riff introduction, continuing with headbanging delivery with the shocking lyrical attitude and edginess that’s missing in today’s rock music.

Physical Album sent by Mascot Label Group! You guys rock!

Title track, “Circles” has some lower expressed vocals with a melodic beat for very easy listening. It offers a well timed breakdown on the lyrics, “I’m just right here…spinning in circles” with some heavy delivery before the fade out.

The album lyrically seems to lean towards inspiration from optimism and perseverance in even your darkest times. Almost all the tracks have some sort of positive message of being driven and making it through.

Listening For The Silence” enters in fierce with a heavy attack on vocals. The chorus drops and it gives you a feeling of empowerment and calmness at the same time. The echoing electronic vocals give P.O.D an edge in the track making it ome of the stand out tracks with the lyrics, “When these words fail, Then nothing might makes sense, and you can say anything” and brings the chorus for one final breakdown as the song ends. Sonny was quoted about the track saying,

“There is so much evil and negativity in todays society to make you want to run for the hills but its the power of God and the love for one another that helpsus stand up, defend, and fight back”

Sonny Sandoval, P.O.D

The “get up and jump” track, “Rocking With The Best” takes us back to, “Southtown” with it’s edgy attack right at the beginning of the track. It offers a heavy baseline and a heavy and aggressive high octane delivery. Who rocks the party? You’re now rocking with best! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Overall, P.O.D attacks with this album head-on and it’s pretty awesome to see them still rocking. The Generation X Tour with Buckcherry, Lit, and Alien Ant Farm showed they were here to stay. The way Sonny’s vocals compliment every member’s instrumental style is outstanding to see in the decades of evolution we’ve seen of the band. The album “Circles” is available now!

P.O.D is :

Vocalist – Sonny Sandoval

Guitarist –  Marcos Curiel

Bassist – Traa Daniels

Drummer – Wuv Bernardo

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