Review: The Perception of Truth – Sanctioned Demise (Single)



Artist: The Perception of Truth
Album: Sanctioned Demise (Single)
Rating: 5/5

Founded by an ex-member of Death Metal titans, What Lies Beneath, The Perception of Truth is a group hell-bent on exposing the truth! Whereas most bands who take a political stance seem to leave their true opinion in between the lines, TPOT is not like that. They look the government in the eye and expose it for the deceitful, heartless entity that it is. Their first single “Sanctioned Demise” comes out swinging from the getgo. Ben knew exactly what he wanted to achieve when he wrote the lyrics to this song. It starts off with a heavy, hard-hitting guitar intro and leads up into his incredible growls. This track is amazing in itself in just the fact that it’s heavy, gritty, and devastating. Add to it the incredibly truthful lyrics and meaning behind them and you have a masterpiece! This is one band that isn’t afraid to say what’s on their mind. We need more bands like this! “We’ve been sold propaganda/In the name of convenient comfort/to fill the void of misery/to fill a void of compassion!” This is repeated many times, “How can only one voice make a difference? But if we stand together whom shall we fear” Indicating that there is a strength in numbers! I, for one, love the message this band is spreading and I hope they continue to do so! This is a band that has just started but from the ashes lies the rise of the phoenix. The Truth of Perception is truly a name to be feared in the metal scene and soon, the world will know! Go check out the single above and go give the band a “like” on Facebook! Keep your eyes peeled because this is not the last you will hear or see of them!