Review: PeroxWhy?Gen – Within The Cygnus Rift

Artist: PeroxWhy?Gen
Album: Within the Cygnus Rift
Rating: 8.5/10

Jeff Hardy – You probably know the name because of his phenomenal presence as “The Charismatic Enigma” on the WWE. What you probably did not know is that this man has a killer singing voice! His band PeroxWhy?Gen, which he formed with his long-time friend and fellow professional wrestler Shannon Moore (who later left the band, to be replaced by members of metal outfit Burnside 6), released their critically-acclaimed debut album Plurality of Worlds in late 2013. That album spawned a new theme for Hardy, “Time & Fate,” as well as a theme for 2013’s “Bound For Glory” TNA event. The added members of the aforementioned Burnside 6 decided to take their leave, minus Junior Merrill who is the only other full-time member of the band to this day. Their sophomore studio effort, Within the Cygnus Rift, continues to take their futuristic concept to the next level. Their sound can best be described as a heavy clash between bands like Powerman 5000 and Finger Eleven, with Hardy doing the majority of the vocals.

If you’ve listened to the band in the past, you’ll know to expect the unexpected. One minute, you could have a ballad-like acoustic track that’s melodic and beautiful. The next, you can have an entirely different animal, a harder industrial-tinged type of sound. Hardy and Merrill worked together with Dale Oliver, John Painter, Bobby Huff and even former Framing Hanley frontman Kenneth Nixon to create an album that truly transcends musical boundaries. As Hardy gives the spoken-word intro of “Reflection,” you immediately get the sense you’re in for something different. It isn’t until the heavy distorted guitar tone in “Submission” hits you that you’re sure of just what that is. It’s true that any of these tracks could easily be played on the radio but PeroxWhy?Gen creates tracks that are meant to be listened to in a different way. They create music that gets you thinking, a sound that’s beyond the normal, typical radio garbage you hear today. PeroxWhy?Gen is creating music that’s ahead of their time, music that will stand the test of time. Whether it be the heavier, electronic-infused, near-thrash sound that they’ve got going in “Obtuse,” the soaring, emotional melodic sound in “RebelYes,” the slow, subtle emotional sound in “Distance,” which features Nixon on guest vocals or the driven, in your face nature of “Placate,” which is Hardy’s newest theme, this album has something for fans of any caliber.

If you’re the contemplative type and like your music to be the same, Within the Cygnus Rift will definitely appeal to you. However, no matter what level of rock fan you are, you’ll find something to enjoy on this album. It’s 13 tracks of nothing but the best from these incredible musicians. So, if this sparks even the slightest interest in you, be sure to pick up your copy of PeroxWhy?Gen’s Within the Cygnus Rift out now on TNA Knockout Music!

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“Distance” (Official Lyric Video)