Review: The Persevering Promise – An Illusion in Shambles


Artist: The Persevering Promise
Album: An Illusion in Shambles
Rating: 10/10

There are some bands that you feel like you’ve heard before when a song comes on. To me, The Persevering Promise is definitely one of those bands. For those of you thinking that automatically means that they sound like another band, let me put that to rest now. This band has a sound all their own that they embrace. Add in the fact that on their newest release, “An Illusion In Shambles”, has such phenomenal guest vocalists as Chad Ruhlig (For the Fallen Dreams), Ronnie Winter (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) and Shawn Spann (I, the Breather) and, as you might expect you get an album that is heavier than you may think at first glance. Let’s jump into what makes this album so memorable though, shall we?

First of all, I would like to say that the thing that I really like most about this album is the transitions and the great mix between aggression and melody. As I mentioned before, the guest vocalists really throw their all into the tracks they’re featured on as well! The thing that surprised me most, not being a huge fan of RJA, was the fact that “A Reason to Believe (ft. Ronnie Winter)” turned out to be one of my favorite tracks. Second only to the title track, “An Illusion in Shambles (ft. Chad Ruhlig)”. Chad is at the top of his game these days and this track really proves it! If you’ve been a fan of older For the Fallen Dreams, the voice will jump out at you immediately when it comes in.

Every track on this album has lyrics that give light and hope, rather than the angry, destructive lyrics you expect to hear in music like this. The amount of emotion put into these tracks is absolutely astounding, you can really feel all the emotions they were trying to convey when composing them.

Instrumentally, there are some absolutely killer riffs and brutal breakdowns, but beyond that..the vocals are out of this world. This is far from your ordinary cookie-cutter band. They don’t churn out something that will sell, they fill their blood with every note, every lyric and every melody until it’s perfectly in tune with them! I was truly stunned by how much I enjoyed this album on just the first listen, but even MORE so that I loved it more and more with each listen after. Truly one of the best albums of the year and, though many will argue I’m sure, I’m not ashamed to say that!

Overall, if you’re looking for one of those albums to listen to when you’re feeling down and out, this is the album you need to pick up! Full of positivity, hope and a message that all can get on board with. We will be keeping our eyes out for what this band has in store next and will be sure to bring you every update we can regarding that! For now, go pick up your copy of “An Illusion in Shambles” and challenge my words if you wish! Out now on Pavement Entertainment/Sony’s RED!

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