Review: Pink Bead – Spaceship Blueprints

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Artist: Pink Bead
Album: Spaceship Blueprints
Rating: 10/10

Since the beginning, Squirrly Jones, Brandon Compton and Inshane have had a knack for the more obscure side of the rap genre. You probably know them as Pink Bead (formerly Pink Bead Federation). The thing that impressed me most about this group is that, not only can they rap with precision that would keep the best on their toes but they add rock elements and even a few screams here and there! But that’s not all that makes this group so great, on top of that, they can also sing extremely well so… they’re pretty much the whole package! Their new full-length album, “Spaceship Blueprints” puts them at the top of their game with some of the sickest flows, catchiest melodies and filthiest lyrics to date!

It’s no secret that, for the most part, the rap genre has become stale with repetitive garbage that doesn’t deserve to be on an album, let alone the radio! Pink Bead has found a way to sound radio-friendly, while keeping the hardcore hip-hop edge that you should expect from the rap genre! Tracks like “Way Teww Hard”, “Not My First Rodeo”, “Freakshow” and “On Some Other Shit” are just a few highlights of this 13-track epic! “Freakshow” just had a video released for it that shows the more comical side of the band in a halloween-themed party. The track itself is about the freaky side of a promiscuous lifestyle. You just have to listen to the lyrics to understand how crazy, yet amazing that this song is! The beat is something you can bump along to while drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage and will surely be a party favorite. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, the album itself contains some gems like “Believe” and “Where I Belong” that show a more sensitive side of the group and really prove that they belong right up there with the best of ’em!

The bottom line is: If you’re a fan of the rap that’s on radio these days, you will love Pink Bead. They fit the scheme perfectly, but are just on the borderline where you can’t consider them a “radio-rap” group. “Spaceship Blueprints” is definitely going in my top 25 albums of the year list and I would advise each and every one of you to pick it up today!

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