REVIEW: Predators – Predators [2014]


Band: Predators

Album: Self-Titled

Preview/purchase: Bandcamp

Deep underground,  far deeper than the blackest ocean depths, there exists a malevolent entity. No, it’s not Satan, it’s not Cthulhu either, rather, this creature is a three-headed man-made monstrosity that answers to the name Predators. Deprived of all sunlight and constantly being exposed to the massive amounts of pressure, this trio silently observed the surface world for years, watching and loathing the existence of mankind. While humanity was far from ready, Predators decided they had been waiting long enough, and thus on this year’s Halloween their self-titled debut EP was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world; a truly horrifying monument of all things heavy, brutal and evil was born.

Inspired by down-tempo tyrants such as Traitors and Black Tongue, Predators doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to bringing the heavy to the listener, expect a tireless torrent of slow, down-tempo beatdown drilling through your eardrums. Unlike most bands with similar music styles however, Predators uses some other interesting influences that make this giant cast an eclipsing shadow over their peers. Instrumentally the atmosphere often changes from angry beatdown to a more sludgy/doom sound, because of this the listener is being forced in making a choice; you want to get up and smash the nearest object to shit but at the same time the suffocating guitar tones hinder your ability to even stand. The vocals on Predators are equally impressive, the obligatory low growls have a demoralizing flavor on top of the angry screaming that really works out well with the instrumentals, sinking your soul further into an abyss of anger and despair. What stands out the most of all are the deathcore-esque schreeches that (unfortunately) are a rarity within the down-tempo genre. You can even hear some squealing, that might not seem very practical since that vocal style usually is exclusive to fast-paced genres like brutal death metal or grindcore, but it really does add something extra to the brutal vibe. In short, if all of this still isn’t enough to make you say ”damn, this is fucking heavy”, you’re better off replacing your headphones with jackhammers.

With all these new bands releasing singles and EP’s on almost a daily basis, it’s getting increasingly harder to find the gems amongst all the ordinary rocks. Being a new band without much popularity, it’s easy to dismiss Predators as a waste of your time. That is exactly the reason why I’ve written this review, because this band deserves the attention of anyone who likes it hard, heavy and low. When Predators hits you in the face, you will wonder what the fuck was wrong with you for not finding this sooner. All I see in this band is potential for more growth, Predators already is on the same level of heaviness as their influences but their rage might just be a small taste. Maybe the real beast is still lurking below, still evolving into something more vicious and evil than the world has ever seen, preparing for the day to take this monster to the next level.

Rating: 9.5 (highly recommended)

For fans of: Traitors, Black Tongue, Wraiths, Immoralist, Tormentor Absolute, Black Sheep Wall