Review: The Pretty Reckless – Who You Selling For

Artist: The Pretty Reckless
Album: Who You Selling For
Rating: 9/10

You’ve hit rock bottom and feel like you can’t get any lower. You’re strung out, broken-hearted and have no place to call home. Forced to live on the streets, you’ll do anything you have to do to survive. Many will claim to be your friend, only looking out for themselves and looking for what they can extort from you, whether it be your body, your money or anything else they may desire. So, the question is, Who You Selling For, tonight? Will you sell your body, your TEMPLE, for just another hit? Or will you bust your ass to do what you can to prove those who have doubted you, spited you and put you down wrong? The Pretty Reckless is here to take you through a journey of self-discovery, from the eyes of an individual who is in the same boat as you. You’re in for the ride of your life, so sit back, buckle up and hope that someone’s above, as the noose is tied tightly around your neck.

Vocalist Taylor Momsen is your narrator through this dark, twisted tale of sex, drugs, and salvation through Rock N Roll. She does a wonderful job of shining bright with her raw, charismatic, gritty and sensual vocal style. Written by both Momsen and guitarist Ben Philips, this album is a culmination of what has brought them so far in the beast we call the music industry. While many think that this band has run their course, I’m here to tell you that’s anything but the case! Their unique blend of Blues, Southern Rock and straight Rock N Roll is something to be envied in the rock scene today. They pulled out all the stops and fine-tuned every aspect of this band, from the songwriting and arrangement, to the lyrics and even Momsen’s vocals. Deeply rooted in what makes Rock N Roll real, there’s plenty of good vibes to go around, even through the darker themes within. They worked hard on their delivery as well, as expressed from everything to the chilling opener “The Walls are Closing In/Hangman” to the final industrial-tinged seconds of “Mad Love.” The band’s signature sound remains prominent on tracks like “Wild City,” where Momsen warns that the city is no place for a motherless child, “Oh My God” which has a grungy, 90s feel to it. “Take Me Down” could have easily fit on their debut album, Light Me Up but does a great job of showing an undeniable progression on this album and proves to the audience why they chose it for the first single. The album, as a whole, transports you to a different time but remains firm in the story that needs to be told. This is a time when Rock N Roll was all about being reckless, having fun and connecting with your audience. This is a trait that seems to have faded, in place of monetary value, in today’s scene and while some may call TPR a “gimmick” band due to Momsen’s popularity before its formation and the way that she flaunts her sexuality, they are clearly as real as it gets and you’ll see that through everything they do. There’s a huge feel to this album, and it’s not just because of the choral parts you’ll hear or the many guest musicians they brought in. There’s an atmosphere to this album that really brings all of their hard work together.

Equal parts melancholy & beautiful, while urgent & aggressive, this album is the band’s crowning achievement thus far. A deeply mature, well-written and well-produced masterpiece that I believe will stand the test of time in the genre. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Who You Selling For yet, what are you waiting for? Use the links below to check out “Take Me Down,” “Oh My God” and “Prisoner” which you’ll receive immediately if you pre-order digitally. Who You Selling For is out October 21st via Razor & Tie and the band will be joined by Holy White Hounds to finish out this year on a headlining tour, supporting its release.

“Take Me Down” (Official Music Video)

“Oh My God” (Official Audio)

“Prisoner” (Official Audio)

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The Pretty Reckless is:

Taylor Momsen – Vocals
Ben Philips – Guitar
Mark Damon – Bass
Jamie Perkins – Drums

Tour Dates:

October 16                             Tucson, AZ                            KFMA Fall Ball* w/ Weezer                       
October 19                             San Diego, CA                      Casbah*
October 23                             Las Vegas, NV                      House of Blues
October 24                             Scottsdale, AZ                      Livewire
October 26                             Lubbock, TX                          Wild West
October 27                             Dallas, TX                              Gas Monkey Live!    
October 28                             Austin, TX                             Sidewinder*
October 30                             Houston, TX                          House of Blues
November 1                           Atlanta, GA                           The Buckhead Theatre
November 3                           Ft. Lauderdale, FL               Revolution Live
November 4                           Orlando, FL                           House of Blues
November 5                           Destin, FL                              Club LA
November 7                           Nashville, TN                        The Cannery Ballroom
November 10                         Detroit, MI                             St. Andrews Hall
November 12                         Cleveland, OH                      House of Blues
November 13                         Toronto, ON                          The Phoenix Concert Theater
November 15                        Boston, MA                            Paradise Rock Club
November 16                         New York, NY                       Terminal 5
November 18                         Baltimore, MD                      Rams Head Live!
November 19                         Niagara Falls, NY                 The Rapids Theater
November 21                         Omaha, NE                            Sokol Auditorium
November 22                         Clive, IA                                  7 Flags Event Center
November 23                         Minneapolis, MN                   Myth Live Event Center
November 25                         Green Bay, WI                       The Sandlot Entertainment Complex
November 26                         Sioux City, IA                         Anthem @ Hard Rock
November 28                         Denver, CO                            The Ogden Theatre
November 30                         Salt Lake City, UT                The Depot
December 1                            Boise, ID                                Knitting Factory
December 2                            Seattle, WA                            The Showbox
December 3                            Portland, OR                          The Roseland Theater

December 6                            Los Angeles, CA                   Mayan Theater