Review: Psychostick – IV: Revenge of the Vengeance

Artist: Psychostick
Album: IV: Revenge of the Vengeance
Rating: 3/5

Arizona’s Psychostick is known for their antics through music, and preforming “comedy metal” across the nation.

: Comedy Metal? Yes, Comedy Metal,

: What is comedy metal? Psychostick,

: Oh okay

I had to explain it to myself because I am still delusional to the awesomeness of this album, wait, now that my conversation with myself is over, I can tell you. When I first heard these guys, which was admittedly a lot more recent then I wish, I couldn’t stop laughing. I remember hearing “Obey the Beard” and following off the toilet. Being TheBeard I have a love for the beard, so they now had my attention.

Revenge of The Vengeance, Psychostick’s fourth studio album came out on November, 4, 2014 through Rock Ridge Music. If I could sum this album up one way, it would be the bands 10th track “NSFW”, and if you don’t know the reference then that gives you even more of a reason to listen.

Now being a band of their own genre, “humorcore”, it obviously would be hard for one to find collective words to describe it. What I could say about this album is this; the bands unique but great metal sound can only be followed by front man Rob Kersey’s angel like vocals. Which when he really hits them make this album even more worth listening to.

Now to get serious; would I recommend this album? Yes, I would if you are hanging out with friends, having a good time, and looking for some laughs to go with your daily dose of metal or simply just having a day of it and need to smile. However, although funny, Kersey’s vocals alone are not enough for me to want to listen to this album on a regular basis as I would others. However, I do look forward to hearing more from this band in the future. All in all I would check out Revenge of The Vengeance if you haven’t yet. And if you have, check it out again just because “The Power of Metal Compels You”.

Seriously though, Bruce Campbell really is great!

As the song says, OBEY THE BEARD!