Review: Psyclon Nine – [Order of the Shadow: Act I]

Artist: Psyclon Nine
Album: [Order of the Shadow: Act I]
Rating: 10/10

Love them or hate them, Psyclon Nine is one of the most well-known names in the industrial scene. They have 4 albums under their belts, all of which received some great critical response. 2009’s “We the Fallen” took them down a darker road than they had ever been down previously, but that wasn’t the end. In 2013, the band called on fans to help them create their 5th album. Their goal was merely $6,000 to cover production, recording and mixing costs. This goal was reached within the first half of the campaign. Beyond that, the band also created 2 “stretch” goals in order to create 2 visually-stunning music videos to go along with the new album, both of these were reached. By the end of the campaign, $12,000+ was reached and the band were well into the writing process! During the month of September, the band announced a run of dates with their labelmates, Dawn of Ashes called the “Hellions of Hollywood” tour. Before the tour began, they released, first, a teaser of new music, followed by the first single “Shadows Unveiled”. Fans ate it up and begged for more, so shortly after that, “Use Once and Destroy” was released! During the month of October, shortly after completing their tour, the band put up pre-order packages for their new album, “[Order of the Shadow: Act I]” which promised to be their darkest and best work to date.

I’m pleased to announce that the band delivered heavily on their promise! If you liked “We the Fallen”, you will love OOTS! The band has chosen the darkest subject matter possible in drug addiction, their thoughts on religion and the overall fake nature of our world. “Use Once and Destroy”, for instance, is about the double lives of the “holy ones” who take advantage of the weak-willed girls who come to them for aid. “What’s it worth when it’s laying in the gutter from the abuse/It’s drunken on the blood of the saints/The souls of all your saviours surely run through its veins/Shedding skin, giving all til it’s gone/A feather for a lover til it’s stripped and left for Carrion” vocalist Nero Bellum cries out, surely a protest to the hypocritical nature of religion. Bellum is known for his extremely outspoken nature when it comes to his music and this album is no exception! If you look at the lyrics to “Shadows Unveiled”, you will see that it’s a track about how sick the world becomes with all of the sin that encompasses it. This band is not for the faint of heart, by any means, but if you really want a band who sounds incredible, speaks the absolute truth and isn’t afraid to be different, Psyclon Nine is that band!

Overall, I’m more impressed with this album than any of their previous work. They created this through money that we, the fans, contributed and it turned out better than anyone could possibly dream. It’s darker, faster and heavier than anything you’ve ever heard from them and it has set a high bar for future Psyclon Nine albums! Pick up your copy of “[Order of the Shadow: Act I]” on November 12th through Metropolis Records and fall, once again, into the darkness that encompasses them!

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“The Saint and the Valentine” (Teaser)
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