REVIEW: Hello Ramona – “Diversity” (2013)


 Artist:  Hello Ramona 

Release:  “Diversity” 

Label:  Unsigned 


  1. What You Want 
  2. Late Night Anthem 
  3. Settle the Score 
  4. Run Away 
  5. Atta Kid
  6. Never Coming Home 

 There are many bands out there that fall into a category of bands that aren’t too well known but definitely should be – swimming through that sea of unrecognized talent is Hell Ramona.  A five-piece group of young men from Iowa, Hello Ramona are ready to hit the scene with their newest release – “Diversity.” 

The band’s first release, “Young, Dumb, and Full of… Fun” had more of a pop-punk and rock sound to it, where as “Diversity” is quite a leap from it.  This band does retain a lot of its pop punk origin here, but with a much heavier edge – a point proven in the first track “What You Want.”  Now instead of mixing a rock and pop-punk sound, we get a good and clean mix of pop-punk and post-hardcore, a sort of A Day to Remember like sound.  Though many up-and-coming bands are following a trend of using this sound, Hello Ramona make it work in a way all their own, giving it more of a party feel as well.  Just imagine if A Day to Remember or City Lights suddenly decided to throw some bumping electronics into the mix – you’d more-or-less get that sort of sound. 

This EP is definitely half-and-half with its music, though.  For the most part, every other track is a definite pop-punk song, holding a strong similarity to Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! in these songs, and then we get the heavier songs like “Never Coming Home” and “What You Want,” as previously mentioned, that sound a lot like the birth-child of “Someday Came Suddenly” era Attack Attack! (US) and Crown the Empire. 

Now, let’s get to the raw part of it. The instruments separate from one another pretty clearly, not sounding like an annoying collection of noise.  The electronics hold up very well as well, giving the music even more excitement, which it already had itself.  All-and-all, the music holds up well – with some entertaining and interesting electronics, skilled vocals in both singing and screaming, great guitar work, everything comes together well. 

Of course all music has its flaws – the music did sort of have a tendency to fall into some cliches of pop-punk, for example with the group utterings of “oh-o-oh-oh,” as most pop-punk bands do in every other song, and a few post-hardcore cliches with the catchy pop beats and then the sudden heavy breakdowns and chaos.  I’m not bashing any of these things by any means, though – to some things are good, to others they’re bad.  In all honesty, I enjoy the things mentioned, but not pointing them out would be definitely unfair. 

Overall, this is a pretty tight release and the music is very entertaining. and catchy.  After reaching their Indiegogo goal, these boys got their things together and recorded what can only be described as a wonderful addition to the scene.  I can definitely see a signing in the future of this band. 

Pick up a digital copy of this release on June first and help to support the band on their journey to musical conquest! 

Rating:  8.9 / 10 

For Fans Of:  A Day to Remember, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, City Lights 

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