Review: One Less Reason – The Memories Uninvited



Artist: One Less Reason

Album: The Memories Uninvited

Rating: 10/10

One Less Reason is back! After 2 years in the making, they are back and led by front man Cris Brown. Their new album “The Memories Uninvited” literally had me pumped. Every minute of what I heard had my ears tuned and zoned in. If there is one thing, I can say it’s that this album tapped into some emotion. A whole barrage of them. Anger, betrayal, and sorrow just to name a few. The album consists of 11 tracks, ranging from songs about survival and balance (“Where Were You?”, “The Lie”,“Sometimes”) to the emotionally charged anthem (“Break Me”).

The single “Break Me” precisely starts out with a heavy hitting guitar intro followed by some of the best vocals I’ve heard with some high-octane riffs and some key hits on sadness and heartbreak and add in some hard backed vocals makes this the go-to single. You can practically hear their creative freedom is in full swing in this track. It really brings you in and makes you feel every line. Then there is “Where Were You?” It is currently number 43 on the active rock chart and is climbing. The hard-charging song continues the fierce path that Cris Brown and company have forged in their over 13 years of rocking. It speaks about how people, that are not blood related, were always there for him and became family to him even more so than most of his so-called blood family; A lot of us can relate to that, some circles only have that bond of friendship that makes you family. And finally but not least is the single “The Lie” another song that hits home on your emotions. It feels like this was something that may not have been played by a major label because of its emotional versatility. Overall, this album is anything but boring or ordinary.

It’s no wonder why One Less Reason decided to do what they wanted, they went down their own path and found something beautiful. So if precision vocals and high-octane guitars and music lyrics that are full of sincerity and emotion is for you, then this album “The Memories Uninvited” is definitely one that you should get your hands on. The album hits the shelves Aug, 19th!


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