REVIEW: Made By Past – Empty Reflections (Single)


Band: Made By Past [Facebook] [YouTube]

Song: Empty Reflections [Music Video]

Album: When Dreams Clash With Reality

Genre: Post-Hardcore


Made By Past is out for blood in the music world. With their release of the music video for “Reflections” This band has been on the rise. Recently signed to the starter label “Project: Records” The band has many surprises coming soon!

The songs start is pretty well played out, with heavy drum hits and instrumental play you know you’re in for a treat. I really love the vocals for this band, both cleans and screams. The clean vocalists for some reason reminds me of Denis Shaforostov. I really like the tone of the screams in this song, it matches really well. I’m also a really huge fan of the instrumental play in this song. Well structured lyrics, nice transitions, perfect performance. The chorus is really catchy and I found myself jamming to this song over and over again. Overall I say these guys have it going right for them and if they keep it up you’re going to see their name a lot more!

Dor Tzoobery- Unclean Vocals
Tal Ofer- Clean Vocals
Danny Rips- Guitar
Bar Bitran- Guitar
Ori Wachtel- Bass
Eldar Moshe- Drums


Overall Rating