Review: Reverend Horton Heat – REV


Artist: Reverend Horton Heat
Album: Rev
Rating: 10/10

Psychobilly: It’s a genre you either love or hate. It’s high-energy rock and roll with a bit of an eclectic feel and a country twang. Jim “The Rev” Heath has been coined as the “Master of Psychobilly”, with 10 albums under his belt, all pretty commercially successful, he really knows the ins and outs of the music industry. His most popular song, “Psychobilly Freakout”, used on Guitar Hero 2, broke him out in a way he probably never expected! Now, 5 years after his last album “Laughin’ & Cryin’ with the Reverend Horton Heat”, he’s back with another helping of his incredibly catchy brand of psychobilly with “Rev”.

If you thought that age destroys ability, you’ve probably never heard what “The Rev” can truly do! His guitar skill is second to none, his lyrics are incredibly catchy, sometimes comical and will get anybody out of their seat in no time! The first single from “Rev”, “Let Me Teach You How to Eat” is a way of expressing his love for bigger women. He’s never been shy about laying it all out on the table (reference his album: “Spend a Night in the Box and even as far back as his first album, “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em). These albums boasted such titles as “Big D Boogie Woogie”, which anybody can guess the subject matter by the title alone and “Sue Jack Daniels” which is a comical song about “beer goggles” and what happens when they wear off. “Rev” however, is a pretty straight-forward, serious album though, outside of a couple songs. There will be no doubt in your mind, even after a few seconds of listening, that Jim’s still got it after all these years! Tracks like the opener, “Victory Lap”, “Longest Gonest Man” and “Let Me Teach You How to Heat” showcase his amazing guitar skill. The final track, “Chasing Rainbows” was pretty mind-blowing to me, but here’s why. Usually, towards the end of an album, you start to either a) get bored or b) it tends to slow down. This album is relentless from start to finish, in fact, “Chasing Rainbows” is probably one of the hardest-hitting tracks on the album!

If you’ve ever liked Reverend Horton Heat before this, you’re sure to LOVE “Rev”! Whether you’re a fan of the country twang, the incredibly complex guitar solos or Heath’s eccentric vocal styling, there’s something for every RHH fan on this one! Be sure to pick up your copy, out today on Victory Records! Check out the video for “Let Me Teach You How to Eat” ¬†below and the full stream of the album, courtesy of Yahoo! Music.

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