Review: Roses Unread – Roses Unread


Artist: Roses Unread
Album: Roses Unread
Rating: 10/10

Tennessee’s Roses Unread are a band that truly took me by surprise. They are absolute proof that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover! Looking at this band, you wouldn’t believe that they play heavy music, but they do! Very well, I might add! 2 full-length albums, “The Commencement” (2009) and “Until We Meet Again” (2011) under their belt, both of which received great response from fans and critics alike! Their newest, self-titled album has been gracing my ears for a couple weeks now and I’ve got to say that I find myself more and more impressed with each listen. The vocal ability coupled with the level of musicianship that this group possesses is a recipe for something greater than you could imagine. With female vocals reminiscent of VersaEmerge & Halestorm, they’ve got a huge following! Add to that some pretty incredible screams, driving bass lines, thunderous drum beats and incredible guitar work and you’ve got something for the ages. Highlights of the album include “My Way”, “Supertaint”, “Dislocate”, “Burn Out”, “Set You Free” and “Dark Passenger”.

Throwing melody into heavy music isn’t always an easy feat to accomplish. You have to figure out exactly how to write it, exactly how to sing it and, most importantly, where to place them when they are complete. In this respect, Roses Unread have got it down to an exact science. I had never heard of RR prior to listening to this album, but I am honestly blown away that I haven’t! Anyone who knows me, knows that female fronted rock bands are one of my fortes, usually bordering on the obscure. So the fact that this incredible group of musicians eluded me for so long is nothing short of miraculous. If you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands and enjoy sounds like Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, etc you will definitely want to check out Roses Unread!

Whatever the case may be, whether you like heavy music, incredible melody, insane guitar work or just a good beat to throw down to, Roses Unread is the band for you. Pick up your copy of the album for yourself and discover what I’m speaking of!

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