Review: Saliva – Rise Up

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Artist: Saliva
Album: Rise Up
Rating: 10/10

You may remember me covering In It to Win It, Saliva’s last release which was 15 action-packed, in your face tracks that really showed how much potential new singer, Bobby Amaru, had! Well, in essence, their latest release, Rise Up, is that same exact album but that happened to be a special “fan-only” edition of what might just be the best Saliva release I’ve ever heard. While Rise Up only contains 12 of the tracks from that original release, the band felt that they were the strongest for the major release that would be coming this year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you doubted Amaru, all doubts will fly out the window when you hear this new release. If the title track, released in February, wasn’t enough to affirm that he has earned his way into the hearts of Saliva fans the world-over, then the rest of the album is sure to put all fears aside.

The album opens with the fiery title track, “Rise Up”, which is a statement about never letting anything about stand in the way of your hopes and dreams. It’s about showing the ones who would doubt you that you are destined for greatness, not living in the past and facing all of your fears head on. If you weren’t pumped by the end of that track, perhaps you’d prefer “She Can Sure Hide Crazy”, a track about someone showing their true colors after you thought you knew everything about them. This particular case we are speaking from a relationship standpoint. This is one of the tracks that can get stuck in your head very easily, though and it makes for a great second track.

Fast forward a couple tracks and we get to “Lost”, still one of my favorite tracks that the band has ever written/released.  It’s a track about getting lost in the best parts of fame, forgetting all about your former self and waking up one day thinking “How am I still alive?”. It’s about making this realization and committing to change your path before it gets too destructive. It’s a track that will really hit home lyrically. If that wasn’t enough emotion for you, “1000 Eyes” starts in and, if you listen to the lyrics, you will probably cry at some point. I’ve cried my eyes out to this track more times than I can count because of the subject matter. It’s about the lonely feeling a soldier has when on the frontlines. No matter how hard they fight, nothing can make what they’re doing easier. They are taught not to show their fear, to show no emotion… but inside, they are just as human as you and me. It’s a very emotionally-charged tracks and one of their best, in my opinion.

Of course, Saliva has always had the southern, “slam ’em down”, party it up feel to them and no track shows that more than “Redneck Freakshow”. This is a track about embracing your southern roots and partying like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and really let loose. It even has a bit of a country vibe to it if you listen closely! I recommend this track if you’re a fan of Saliva in any capacity, but especially if you just want something to let loose to.

Getting back to the heavier portions of the band, we’ve got “In It to Win It” which is still, arguably, one of the heaviest tracks the band has ever written overall. This track is about the “go big or go home” mentality, it’s got the same vibe lyrically as “Rise Up” and they perfectly contrast one another. I heard this track a couple months before the release of the album of the same name and was instantly blown away. I, like many Saliva fans, was pretty skeptical on a new singer (despite the fact I had seen the band prior to this live) but it destroyed my fears and had me amped for more immediately!

Rise Up is the ultimate Saliva record, despite Amaru and Scott (ex-vocalist) having completely different styles, I’ve never heard Saliva come together in the way that they did on this record. I recommend it to any and everyone, but especially Saliva fans! Pick it up now on Rum Bum Records!

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