REVIEW: Scare Don’t Fear – Destroy | Rebuild [2013]


Band: Scare Don’t Fear


Preview: Destroy


Remember those rap metal bands from the past? I know I do, with all this shitty mainstream music of today that people seem to love so much for some retarded reason, I often think back at the time when music really spoke to me for the first time, with the spawning of bands such as Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. These bands still exist to this day but in my opinion they did not evolve the music style they once helped make so popular and most people moved on to other music now; most likely to genres such as hardcore and metalcore. But what if rap metal did evolve and was still going strong today, what would that sound like? In 2010 an album came along that finally answered that question, changing the perceptions of a seemingly dead and forgotten genre: Scare Don’t Fear entered the music scene with something different; hip hop, modern metal and electronic beats clashed together in a way never seen before. Blinded opened the eyes and ears of many, presenting an amazing and addictive sound that combines crushing metalcore with rhyming rapping. With good reception, such an unique release was practically begging for a continuation and after a long wait, the new album DESTROY | REBUILD is finally here, but the question you’re asking is does it hold up to the expectations, is this style of music still worth pursuing further? The answer: motherfucking yeah it is!

Not only is DESTROY | REBUILD a continuation of the style that has been cemented in by the band itself, it’s an improvement in all the right places. Where the areas that were perfected before have been left untouched, the bits that needed some improvement have been improved and corrected, pleasing old and new fans alike. Not a bad achievement by an unique band such as Scare Don’t Fear. I will keep this review spoiler free but I can reveal that DESTROY | REBUILD has better and more diverse vocals/lyrics (this goes for both the screams AND the rapping), more heavy guitar work, more breakdowns, more atmosphere and a overall better flow between the songs and the odd mixture of the two music styles, which almost makes this album sound like something so natural that you would assume that it has been around for ages but yet it hasn’t: the sign of brilliant writing and lots of effort paying off, all to give you that extra edge in your listening experience.

DESTROY | REBUILD is anything but some trendy ass bullshit album that tries to impress the local scene kids, instead it is a well rounded and fresh sounding experience everyone and their mother need to hear. If you like metal or hip hop as seperate genres, of if you even like one of those and hate the other, you still need to check this album out; DESTROY | REBUILD is not like anything else out there so if you fancy yourself as one of those people that think they are open minded to all kinds of new music you will have to give this a listen. Or even if you like some forms of metal but hate most metalcore bands or influences, you still don’t have an excuse to let this one pass. Every feature from every seperate element present in this album has been executed in the best way possible. For the duration of a 21 minute playtime, Scare Don’t Fear effortlessly keeps the flow going in a brilliant way and demands a lot of replays to allow your brain the time it needs to comprehend what it just processed. Scare Don’t Fear created the perfect example of how an musical evolution you assumed to be gone and buried has re-evolved itself to a new form of perfection, and somehow managed to improve themselves upon that with DESTROY | REBUILD.

Rating: 10/10

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