Review: Sea Of Trees – Sea Of Trees


Band: Sea Of Trees [ ]
Album: Sea Of Trees [self Titled]
Release Date: January 19th, 2013
Track Listing
1. Introduction
2. The Path
3. Weep In Vain feat. J.T. Crew
4. Synthetic Smile
5. Violent Alternatives
6. Seafoam – Part I feat. Melissa Bertaut
7. Seafoam – Part II
8. Inquietude
9. Model for God feat. Shaylin Marshall

“Plea for your redemption, for a second chance”, will be the first words to enter your ears. Spoken word that leads into a sudden rush of  heavy riffs and a catchy breakdown interlude. A great way to give you a taste of what is about to come. Immediately within the second track, picks up right where the intro left off. The screams are unique in themselves when unexpectedly hear clean and crisp vocals come in. Right after this you are put in the middle of a very heavy breakdown with deep and brutal vocals. Only the second track in and already feel the emotion put into this. “I fear for you but you don’t fear death.  Take for granted the life you live. I dream of you but you dream no more. Lost all feeling, washed up on the shore”. The lyrics you hear on this self titled album are not for the faint of heart. You will literally feel the emotion, energy, and passion that was put into writing them. If lyrics are an important factor for you, I strongly recommend you look further into those by Sea Of Trees. Throughout the entire album, you are come after and again with clear vocals, intense screams, and heavy breakdowns. While maintaining the same sound, no two tracks are the same as they each take you on a different path in the story that is told in each. If you are a fan of metal/metalcore/deathcore, love deep, intense, and heavy lyrics, and are looking for a new band. I strongly suggest you check out Sea Of Trees. I fell in love with this album starting from track one and loved it throughout its entirety. I have bought this to add to my personal collection and will continue to keep coming back for another listen. I am giving Sea Of Trees self titled album a 10 out of 10.