Review: Searchlight – Introspect

Artist: Searchlight
Album: Introspect
Rating: 4.5/5

The typical definition of Introspect is an examination of one’s own thoughts or feelings. However, when it comes to music…. it’s so much more than that. In the case of 5-piece metalcore band, Searchlight, we’re being let in to the band’s thoughts and feelings, giving a connection with the listener that can ONLY be brought forth through music. While their debut EP of the same name (recorded and mixed by Ian Van Opijnen at Echo Room, mastered by Kris Krummett) offers absolutely zero clean vocals, some bands simply don’t need them to convey the correct amount of emotion. In fact, to be honest… clean vocals would sound out of place here. The music gives us just the right amount of melody, while the screamed vocals give us a considerable amount of aggression and angst. This gives the band a raw, real sound that shows that they know what they’re doing.

You want a debut release to be something that makes you turn your head, capturing your attention within the first few seconds. From the beginning of the pounding opening track, “Purgatory,” you’ll be reeled in and on the edge of your seat. Vocalist Charlie Abend screams with such passion about his feelings of being stuck in life. Having nowhere to go, nothing to live for, nothing to feel passionate about… he just wants to escape but he feels that he’s stuck. Insomnia has taken over and we feel each and every toss and turn, through the music surrounding his story. You might feel as though this is a dark subject but there’s a reason that vocalists sing about these things. Not only do they get these feelings off their chests but they help connect with those who have those same feelings. A constant reminder that you’re not alone, you can get through this. Keep fighting, never surrender to the pressures of life.

“Nobody Cares” which features Ethan Harrison (Colossus Productions) is another track that will resonate with fans lyrically. No one ever wants to give up on someone, it can be the hardest thing ever. However, “Nobody Cares” is a track that proves that it’s sometimes the best course of action. You can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. “How do you sleep at night? You got what you wanted, but at what expense? You’ve done this to yourself, I’ve given up on you! It’s fucked up that you’re fine!” I’m not 100% sure of the context behind this track but it’s clear that the two people involved were very close and one got mixed up in something that they shouldn’t have. A constant barrage of mishaps, mistakes and betrayal, perhaps? I can only speculate but there’s a LOT of emotion that resonates within this track. Check it out below!

I could sit here and go on and on about this album but the fact of the matter is, you need to hear it to really get it. There’s so much emotion, the lyrics speak to the title of the album, wholeheartedly. Do yourselves a favor, pick up a copy of Introspect using the link below and let us (and the band) know what YOU think of it! It was self-released and can be purchased physically or digitally from the links below. I’m not sure what’s next for the band but we definitely hope that they’re planning on sticking around to give us more in the future!

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“Nobody Cares (ft. Ethan Harrison)

Searchlight is:
Charlie Abend
Jonathan Belton
Jacob Solomon
Nick DiGiovanni
Derek Lamoreaux

**Introspect is dedicated In Loving Memory of Victor Lima and Emily Yeadon**