Review: Seether – Isolate and Medicate


Artist: Seether
Album: Isolate and Medicate
Rating: 8.7/10

Seether are a force to be reckoned with in radio rock, as it is. But as many fans know, it’s their non-radio tracks that really make them stand out from the rest. Vocalist Shaun Morgan has a sinister mind and is unashamed to let fans in with each release. While their past 2 releases have been seemingly centered around radio-play, spawning such hits as “Country Song”, “Fake It”, “Rise Above This” and, of course, their cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whispers”. But it’s their heavier, less radio friendly tracks that make me adore this band so. Their latest offering, Isolate and Medicate, has both in spades as well as their well-known semi-comedic value. What’s most important, though, is that this release shows the side of this band that fans have missed.

The lead single, “Words As Weapons”, had fans skeptical (myself being one of them). It sounds like it could be a B-Side from Holding Onto Strings… but it’s definitely not a bad track. It’s catchy, it’s heartfelt and it fuels the fire that keeps the fans wanting more. When they dropped the second single, “Suffer It All”, all skepticism flew out the window along with the radio-rock mask they had been wearing. This track was designed to put all those who would say that they’ve sold out in their place. It’s a statement that, just because you’re on a major label, doesn’t mean that they always have the reins. You can tell, from start to finish, that this album was designed with fans in mind and to Seether’s exact specifications. Does it live up to expectations? Will fans old and new alike enjoy it? Absolutely! They managed to throw a few radio-rock jams on the album such as “Words as Weapons”, “Watch Me Drown” and, one of my personal favorites “Same Damn Life”. They haven’t completely escaped the shadow that has been cast on them by emerging onto mainstream radio but they are well on their way, as proven by tracks like “Suffer It All”, “Nobody Praying For Me” and “See You at the Bottom”. They are more interested in proving that they will always be a DIY band, despite what any corporate fatcats might say to/about them. They will always create the music that they, and they feel fans, will enjoy and that is what I love most about them. They’re not interested in the money, the fame or the glory… they’re interested in rocking the f**k out!

Isolate and Medicate reintroduces the heavier, darker side of Seether that early fans had come to know and love. It meets and exceeds expectations for me, personally. There will be those who love it, those who hate it and those who are in between. Personally, it has been enjoyable for me with each and every listen. How does it stack up for you? Go pick up Isolate and Medicate, out today on Bicycle Music/Concord Music Group and judge for yourself!