Review – Shinedown – Attention Attention



Artist: Shinedown

Album: Attention, Attention

Rating: 9/10

Attention ! Attention !

I was given an awesome chance to see Shinedown live recently with Starset and while only two songs of the new album (“The Human Radio” and “Devil”) were played, Shinedown done it flawlessly leading up to the release of, “Attention, Attention” which is available now.

The name of the album, while there is a track of the same title they went through many titles of the album which were, “Long and drawn out”, says Guitarist Zach Myers and Bassist Eric then had the idea of the exclamation mark idea and they rolled with it cause it seemed appropriately perfect for the album.

Photo Credit : Jimmy Fontaine

Shinedown turns it up in volume for the intensity and volume in every way. Leadman Brent Smith definitely explodes with a new level of ”madness’ that was nowhere to be found on the last couple of records, only closely compared to,  “Sound Of Madness”. Seeing Zach Myers live showed me he has some of the most beefie and energetic riffs I’ve ever seen. Then finally, Barry Kerch, he brings it all together with his momentous and ever-steady work on the percussions.

Attention Attention” starts off the album, naturally and begins sounding like a nuclear test warning then, the track starts. Brent takes a slight approach to a more loose vocal delivery in a rap style intro followed by a fulfilling chorus.

Monsters” is a track that’s melodic compared to the rest of the album, it still holds up to the rest of the tracklisting because in brings a type of intensity to the album because of Brent’s piercing, vocals.

Devil” is actually, according to leadman, Brent Smith it’s the beginning in the “story” of the album, referring to the video where a man is brought into a room, where the whole story takes place. Also, a certain chair might be something to keep an eye on.  “Devil” really sets the listener up for the rest of the album by offering some structure while being one of the heavier tracks on the album. It was a perfect choice for the first single because it paved the way for the next single track, “The Human Radio” which I will speak on next.

“We march, we fight, we live
We scream, we die, we give
We want the world to know
We are the human radio”

-The Human Radio

There are two stand out tracks to this album to me. First, “The Human Radio” is a melodic track about the human spirit and humanity as a whole, the 2nd hit on, “Attention, Attention” and also takes place on the room with the same chair from, “Devil” and it offers up some very interesting theatrics as a video, as a song it’s more of a shout-out anthem to the world. It’s boldy compared to the 2000’s hit, “Youth Of The Nation“, and even their own hit, “Simple Man” which gave ‘the human race’ a sense of unity with each other.

Second, “Evolve” is a track that offers up some fast paced vocals, some excellent riffs and thundering intensely display with drums. “Evolve” is as far as I’m concerned is the next logical choice for single release. It displays Shinedown’s evolution intentionally to show how much that band has pushed themselves as a band for something like, their traditional schemes but this album, “Attention Attention” has definitely taken Shinedown to another level.

“Powerful, powerless, leavin’ with the upset. Here to stay, by the way, I turned it around. In a room full of mirrors, I figured it out.”


Shinedown’s sixth album is a concept album with a nice structure. The album follows a person’s daily journey through the mental and physical battles of life, love and humanity as whole.  “Attention Attention” offers reality of coming to terms with yourself and what’s going on in your daily life.

Overall, this is a phenomenal album by Shinedown and while it doesn’t quite trump, “Sound Of Madness” which carried with it six hits but “Attention Attention” seems like the successor to, “Sound Of Madness” with already two hits under it’s belt with many more looking like they could be added. It’s refreshing to see Shinedown back at it. So, “Attention Attention” you wanna get their album, available now on all media outlets!

“Good for you, you hurt everybody
Good for you, you hurt everyone
Good for you, you love nobody
Good for you, you owe no one”


The new album, “Attention Attention, available now!

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