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Shokran are a four-piece progressive metal outfit from Moscow who have just recently dropped their anticipated sophomore record Exodus.  The record is a follow-up to 2014’s Supreme Truth.

The record mixes together a progressive metal sound (obviously) with an obvious groove metal influence, with exceptional instrumental work, especially on the part of guitarist Dmitri Demyanenko, whose quality guitar-work pushes this record to its limits.  Complimenting the quality instrumentals is Andrew Ivashchenko’s vocal work; both clean and unclean, Andrew’s vocal range is incredible. guide to online casinos for canadians  Each member of the band is talented and has worked to put together an album chalk-full of that talent.  A negative takeaway here, however, can be some obvious and stilted choruses and structures (see Creatures from the Mud for this).  This is just a stain on an otherwise incredible record, however, as the album takes an awesome sound and stretches it as far as they can without sign of wear.  A highlight that would be hard not to mention here of course would be And Heavens Began to Fall.  The track is potentially the softest on the record and features an incredible guest-vocal piece by Lauren Babic.

Exodus is a record that does a good job of progressing for the band while making sure not to stray away from an aggressive and inspired sound.  The album is one definitely worth going back to for multiple listens and worth your interest for sure.


For Fans Of:  Born of Osiris, Trivium, Jason Richardson

By:  Russell Ritchey