Review: Silence in Solitude – Resurgence

Artist: Silence in Solitude
Album: Resurgence
Rating: 9/10

Resurgence: an increase or revival after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence. In the music world, this can mean the difference between success and failure. For Jersey’s Silence in Solitude, this means rising from the ashes of their former projects and bringing to light their talents in a new way. With their debut album, Resurgence, they’re ready to blow you away. Their sound is a unique mixture of their influences, the most prominent being early Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine, coming together to pummel you into submission.

The album opens up with an ominous bell tone (think horror movies) before fading into “Suffering,” which wastes no time in turning things up a notch. Vocalist Shayne Roxas uses his mastery of his mid-range screams, immediately leaving a lasting impression on the listener before showing his versatility to his craft. The chorus comes in with clean vocals, reminiscent of Jesse Leach, bringing forth powerful emotion. This track talks about how we all suffer and how, in the end, we are all doomed to destruction. It is for this reason that we must live in a way that brings happiness and pride to ourselves and the ones surrounding us, living only the fullest lives because, as he says “what’s the point of living, when you’re just living to die.”

Guitarists Colby Hemple and Justin Pompper shine bright throughout the album, where they bring you memorable riffs that will get stuck in your head and let you know just how talented they are. Some of my favorite parts of the album, though, are their harmonies… they’re something else to listen to. One of the most memorable riffs on the album, though, is the main riff on the track “Deceiver (In Your Wake).” It’s got a heavy, yet bright tone to it and it immediately lets you know that this track is going to have some power behind it, emotionally.

As far as a build-up, either through individual tracks or on the album as a whole, there’s not a whole lot of that. Rather, in its place, we’re left with 10 tracks of incredibly aggressive, emotional and face-melting metal that will bring you back to a time where riffs ruled the genre. Whether it’s the production of the album, in general, or drummer Cody Mitchell’s playing… the drums on this album sound huge, intense and powerful in a way that few others have.

Resurgence is a must-listen for 2016, without a doubt, especially for fans of metal and its sub-genres. If you’re looking for something that is emotionally powerful but not too whiny, aggressive but not hate-filled and will stand the test of time, this is the album you’ve been searching for. It’s a wonder these guys are still unsigned but as most bands who have that amount of talent do, they’re likely just waiting for the right deal to take them to the next level. Do yourselves a favor and check out Resurgence via the stream below, pick yourself up a copy and catch these guys live if you get a chance!

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Silence in Solitude are:

Shayne Roxas  – Vocals
Colby Hemple – Guitar
Cody Mitchell – Drums
Justin Pompper – Guitar
Alexander Coates – Bass